You need a vacation and money is tight. You’re doing everything to save money and have run out of ideas.  Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to go over 5 ways to save money for your next vacation…  now watch the money add up!

Check out my top 5 ways to save money for your next vacation!

Remember that the numbers I use are all estimates and obtained from reputable sites such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can save more or less depending on how large of a family you have so I’m going to just display what the average family spends and what you can do to save!


Now this number can vary greatly based off the size of your family of course. Also, this number represents a mindful person who is actually measuring out the laundry detergent. That’s right, if you’re like most people you just fill the detergent to the top of the lid and pour. Just by doing this you’re likely adding 1/3 more laundry detergent then you need each time. Which means you’re throwing money down the drain. So, how can we help this number and keep it simple?


– average cost per year is $400
– toxic cleaning product
– easy to pour extra and waste more money

Use an alternative…

Smartklean Laundry Ball

– cost per year is $40
– it’s a non-toxic cleaning product (extra bonus)
– shortens wash cycle

A whooping $360 dollars in savings or more per year. Again this is just based on the average. You may save more or less. But this figure is just based off the detergent itself. The Smartklean Laundry Ball doesn’t require the rinse cycle and uses much less energy and water.  So how much could you really be saving? Watch your water bill and power bill through this process as well.

We have not tried this product yet, so please read the reviews and decide on your own if you think you’d like to try it.  If you spend a lot on laundry detergent it might be worth a try!


When you think of ways to save money, you probably aren’t really thinking about this one!  Who needs laundry sheets anyway? First of all they are toxic and while yes they do get rid of that static we can find a better way.

– average cost per year is $65
– toxic cleaning product

Use an alternative…

Wool Dryer Balls

– cost $11
– it’s non-toxic
– lowers dry time up to 30%

Saving is saving.  You have to consider that lowering the drying time of your clothes will also lower your energy (power bill) costs. Keep watching those bills and watch more money go into your pocket. Also, its non – toxic and I feel better recommending products that benefit people and save money.

You can also add a drop of essential oils to your wool balls to get a nice smell (like you would from your dryer sheets)!


This is a big one and honestly we are horrible at it.  Don’t worry if you are too!  However, you could see tremendous savings here depending on your lifestyle. Remember the numbers below are just an estimate. Go through your budget or bank and see how much you spend a week dining out. This includes eating out as a family for dinner and lunch while at work.


– Average cost $3,008 per year (based off the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports)


– Split a meal when you dine out. You don’t need all food served the majority of the time and one meal is enough for 2 people.
– Pack your lunches for work.
– Skip a meal. Intermittent fasting is healthy and the benefit would be: saving money, less calorie intake and body cleansing/healing!
– Eat up those leftovers! Cook up stews, soups or slow cooker meals that are cheap and can be frozen for some other time in the week. Helps with the not wanting to cook problem that most people have when they get home after a long day!

Your savings could be endless here. Based of the cost of dining out you could most likely cut that number in half or more. Meaning a huge savings of $1500.00 dollars at least. If you want a vacation bad enough just cut out eating out completely and the saving could result in a vacation by the end of the year!


This may seem a little ridiculous because were talking pennies, but believe me it all adds up. Take notice around your house. How many lights are on? Do you leave lights on when you leave for work or do you have lights on all night? Of course the cost will vary based off many factors such as size of light bulbs, amount of lights you leave on etc.

What about your heat? Is it always up even when it’s just a little cold out? Do you always have your air conditioning on in the summer keeping your house super cool?  Being careful with your energy usages are easy ways to save money!


– average cost per year $1,000 (varies greatly on size of home and location)

Cut down cost…

– Turn off the lights at night and before you leave for work.  If you really want to get serious make sure you turn off the lights each time you leave a room!
– If it’s cold out don’t turn up the thermostat past 70 degrees. 70 degrees and lower is most cost-effective for your home during the colder months.
– If it’s hot out don’t turn the thermostat lower than 78 degrees.  78 degrees and higher is most cost-effective for the warmer months.

Watch your power bills. See if you can cut the monthly cost in 1/3. If you do you could end up saving yourself up to $333 or more a year!  My wife is a crazy person with the lights (it feels like we live in the dark) and freezes us in the winter…  but she doesn’t budge on the air-conditioning!


This is a big one. How much money do we spend that is wasted each year? How many birthday presents do our kids get that are played with for a few days only to never be played with again? My son does this with video games. They cost so much and once opened you cannot return them.

We all waste in our own ways such as: clothing, purses, video games, electronics etc.  The amount here is just what we save per year. I’ve run the numbers and this is what I recoup throughout the year by reselling things around the house. You may have a much lower or much higher return. It just depends.


– average amount of money spent on re-sell-able items $1500 per year

Sign up for e-bay

– recouped per year is $700

Think of the possibilities here. I decided instead of waiting around for my son’s video games to become worthless that I would just resell them. Then I started reselling things for my wife such as purses/clothing and anything that I could find to start recouping some of my lost money. You’ll never believe the things you can sell until you try!

If you don’t think E-bay is for you, try selling locally. There are also some downloadable apps I use such as Letgo, Offer UP and local buy/sell/trade sites on Facebook. Just be smart and safe when dealing on those.


So what number do you imagine saving per year for that vacation? By following these tips I’m sure you could easily save yourself $2,000 dollars or more a year.  We only gave you 5 tips, but there are lots of other ways to save money for that vacation!

Do you have any tips on saving money? Please comment below!

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