All-Natural Deodorant That Works!

Have you been searching for a deodorant that is free of aluminum, parabens, & phthalates yet STILL actually works and smells good?  Did you even  know you SHOULD be looking for a deodorant like that?  Check out this amazing, all-natural deodorant that I am hooked on!

So what IS the best all-natural deodorant?

Native Deodorant is the BEST all-natural deodorant that I have found that actually works and still smells good!  This summer my household decided to make a change in the products that we use around the house and on our bodies.  We’ve always tried to eat healthy, but we were still putting toxic chemicals all around us every day.

Most deodorants on the market are also anti-antiperspirants which use aluminum (which is a metal) to block your sweat ducts to keep you from sweating.  THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!  We were designed to sweat for a reason!  However, you can still sweat and smell great!  Which is where Native comes in!

Native deodorant is aluminum, paraben, & phthalate-free!  They have many different scents to choose from.  I have tried Eucalyptus & Mint from the Men’s section (this one is my favorite so far) and Coconut & Vanilla from the Women’s section.  They also have a sensitive option for those who have a baking soda allergy (their regular deodorant is baking soda based) and sample packs to try out different scent options!

A regular sized Native deodorant is $12 (with free shipping).  This seems like a lot, but trust me… it’s worth it!  My husband and I share ours and it has lasted us 3 months!  My husband also has VERY sensitive skin and he hasn’t had any trouble at all with this brand (we had some trouble with other popular all-natural brands).

If you use this link you will receive a FREE travel sized deodorant with your purchase!  Perfect for taking with you on your next trip!  🙂  Try Native today!  —>  Get your FREE Travel Sized Deodorant from Native

*Opinions are all my own!  I’d love to hear what you think of Native deodorant!  It can’t hurt to give it a try!  

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