Plan a Trip to Universal Orlando With This Ultimate Guide

Here at Lau Family Travels we like to think that we are Universal experts.  We went to Universal Orlando for the first time in the Spring of 2017 and have been 5 times since!  Are there people MORE qualified to call themselves Universal experts?  Sure!  However, we do have some REALLY great content that we hope with help you plan a trip to Universal Orlando as stress free as possible!


The Best Places to Visit in Houston, Texas

This is our last post from our friends at Miles Car Rental!  It has been great working with them and having them provide us with great content!  The best part has been that they’ve shared tips about cities that we have never been to before.  We hope you enjoy this last post about places to visit in Houston, Texas!

One would not think of Houston as the most touristic city in the USA. But, let me tell you there are enough interesting things to see and delicious things to eat here to make it worth visiting for a couple of days.  So in this post we´ll explore some of Houston’s most curious attractions and some of the tastiest restaurants in the city.  So come on! Houston is waiting!


Tips to Book a Cost Effective Trip to Canada

There is a lot to consider when you are planning for a cost-effective trip to Canada such as handling expenses, accommodation, booking flights and meal allowances. It is important that you are smart if you want to make the best out of your trip to Canada and that is why the money you budget for the trip is an important aspect of your planning process.

*This post is brought to you by Northern Escape Heli Skiing*


Unusual and Fun Activities in Las Vegas

We are bringing you ANOTHER awesome post from our friends at Miles Car Rental!  This week’s post is all about SIN CITY!  However, they will be discussing some non-gambling fun activities in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city like no other in the world.  It was built on nothing but entertainment. You see, from the very start this city has been a hot spot for fun of all types.  As times have changed it has changed to include all types of fun activities to its collection. Making it perfect to find awesome , unusual, and fun activities in Las Vegas. 


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