A Long Weekend in Tampa | Best Things to Do in Tampa

This week our friends from Miles Car Rental are sharing their best tips for visiting Tampa for a long weekend.  We LOVE Tampa here at Lau Family Travels.  Some of these awesome places we knew about, but some we are excited to try the next time we are in town!

When you think about a tropical getaway in the United States, chances are that your mind will be drifting to Miami.  But what if I told you that there are other destinations equally amazing for a tropical escapade?  Well, in this post well be escaping to Tampa for a weekend. So, pack your things and let’s go!


Travel Agent Facts | Your Top 10 Travel Agent Questions Answered

I have been a travel agent since 2013.  Over the last few years I have learned so much about being a travel agent.  I actually keep learning new things all of the time!  A few months ago I asked my social media followers what questions they had about travel agents.  And I’m JUST getting around to answer them.  They were supposed to be answered in a YouTube video on our channel, but I figured a blog post would be easier to refer back to!  The post will be broken down into two parts.  Travel Agent facts about WORKING with a travel agent & BEING a travel agent.


Disney Plus Shows and Movies | Why My Inner Child Is Excited for Disney+

If you are a Disney fan you’ve already heard of Disney Plus.  If you aren’t a Disney fan you’ve probably also heard of Disney+.  This post isn’t going to be like all the others.  This post is about why my inner child is excited about all of the Disney Plus shows and movies that I will be able to stream starting November 12th!

There are so many Disney Plus shows and movies to choose from!

There is a TON of content that’s going to be available on Disney Plus starting November 12th.  I’m excited for pretty much all of it, but there are some older shows and movies that are really tugging at my heart strings.  Such wonderful memories are flooding back!  However, I’m also really excited about some of the new content as well.  There are going to be SO many amazing shows, movies, documentaries, & more!  I tried narrowing down what I’m MOST excited for into two lists (older vs. new).


Atlanta’s Hidden Gems | Things to Do in Atlanta

This week we bring you another post from our friends at Miles Car Rental.  It’s easy to find the most popular things to do in Atlanta, but did you know about these hidden gems?  Ready to find out about some unique things to do in Atlanta!

Are you looking for some unique things to do in Atlanta?

There’s a lot to see and do in Atlanta, even if people aren’t always aware of it. I personally think that Atlanta is one of those cities that can truly steal your heart with its unique charm. Sure, this city might not be as much of a touristic powerhouse as Miami or Las Vegas. But if you give it a chance you´ll find that the city is full of hidden gems that can make your travel to the state capital as unique and charming as you want to make it. 


Why You Should Go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Last Christmas season (December 2018) we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) and we had a great time!  We had never been to a special ticketed Disney event before and we really weren’t sure what to expect.   We would definitely go back to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party again!  Keep reading for reasons on why we think you should go to MVMCP.


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