Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas

This past October we made a split decision to go on our first Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas!  We booked the 4-night Bahamian cruise on the Disney Dream on a whim and then rushed to get everything in order before we left. There were a lot of scares with hurricane warnings and a forecast full of rain, but it was too late… we had no choice but to take the risk and make the most of it!


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter… Is It Really Magical?

I had BIG expectations for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. Everything I’ve read and heard about it made it seem like you FELT the magic when you walked into it. My sister has always been the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan I know. I bought her the first book for Christmas the year it came out and ever since then she was the biggest fan. So right off the bat I felt a little guilty going here without her, but I was determined to give her a review (and I Marco Polo’d her during my trip too)!


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