Getting ready for a vacation can be stressful. I like to make sure that everything at my house is in order before we go so I’m not stressed when we get home!  There is nothing worse than coming home from a long vacation to a chaotic house. Check out this blog post about things to do before your vacation!

There are things you can do before your vacation to lessen the stress when you get home!

Before we go on our vacation I am usually THE MOST stressed.  While my husband and my son are getting excited I’m trying to think of everything I need to get done before we go.  You’d think by now I’d have this down to an art, but I’m still worried I will forget something super important and it will ruin our entire vacation.  Maybe writing this blog post will help me get more organized as well.  So here are the things you should do before your vacation!

A few weeks before…

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  • Set out an empty hamper and fill it with things you will need for vacation as you remember.
  • Get haircuts!  I don’t usually get my haircut, but I always make sure my husband and son get a haircut a few weeks before we go so they aren’t shaggy for the pictures!
  • Finalize your travel plans and itinerary for your trip.  Finalize your budget for your trip as well!
Basket to set aside things to pack

My current basket I’m using to get prepared for our next trip!

A week before…  

  • Clean out your kitchen!  Check out this post I did a while back about getting your kitchen spick and span before your trip!
  • Make sure you eat up any perishables before you leave – clean out the fridge as well!
  • Pay bills that will be due while you are on vacation (and a few days after just in case).
  • Deep clean your bathrooms.  No one wants to come home to a dirty bathroom!
  • Get small bills for tipping and/or tolls.

A couple of days before…

  • Laundry, laundry, and MORE LAUNDRY.
  • Make sure all those electronics are charged up.  You know..  the ones to keep your kids occupied in the car!  You might want to check out my post on the ways to keep yourself sane during that road trip!
  • Water your plants.  If you have them.  I ALWAYS forget to do this!
  • PACK as much as you can!
  • If you tend to get a lot of mail you may want to place a hold on it while you are gone.  You can easily do this right on the USPS website!

The day/night before your vacation…

  • Make sure you throw out (or give to a friend/neighbor) the perishables that you didn’t eat by now.  Anything that will be spoiled by the time you get back should be taken out.
  • Take out the trash!
  • Make sure all dishes are clean.

RIGHT before you leave…

  • Turn down the AC or heat depending on the time of the year.  You don’t want to be wasting energy while you are gone!
  • Also unplug any electronics that won’t be in use while you are gone.  Be careful NOT to unplug your DVR if you have one.  That was a sad surprise when we got home from vacation!  Duh!
  • Pack all the last-minute items you needed before you left!
  • PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE and be confident that you did everything you needed to do!  It’s time to enjoy that vacation!!

Things to Do Before Your Vacation Pinterest

What would YOU add to this list?  I’d love to hear your ideas and I will update the post with them!

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