Cabana Bay Beach Resort – Volcano View Room!

Have you heard that Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort has volcano view rooms?  That’s right!  You can book a hotel room in one of their two towers that overlooks Volcano Bay and it was MESMERIZING!  My son says that this was his favorite hotel stay of all time!


My husband and I decided at the last-minute to go to Universal to see the theme parks decked out for the holidays. We decided to stay at the Prime Value resort to save some money (since we had just gone to Universal in the Fall and gotten season passes).  Although we hadn’t stayed at Cabana Bay before, my brother and sister-in-law highly recommended it, so we figured we’d give it a try.

We decided that since we were staying at a Prime Value resort that we would at least splurge and book a volcano view room.  When we booked we were planning on being able to walk over to Volcano Bay as well (this didn’t happen since Volcano Bay was shut down due to cold weather while we were there), but it would have been cool!

We arrived while the resort was still decorated for the holidays, however they started taking all of the decorations down while we were there.  I was a little disappointed that they took it all down during the day.  There were boxes everywhere and tinsel all over the ground.  It took away the magic for me, but it’s not that big of a deal I suppose!

Cabana Bay Resort Christmas Lobby
The lobby all decorated for the holidays
Cabana Bay Resort Lobby
The lobby in it’s regular state

The resort is much bigger than I pictured.

Cabana Bay resort map

Seriously.  This resort is very large.  If you are staying in the towers it is quite a walk from the lobby to your room.  The resort is basically split into two areas.  On one side is the Cabana Courtyard pool area with the slide, hot tub, and pool activity area.  The rooms on this side of the building are “motel style” rooms (the doors are outside, not in an inside hallway).

Cabana Bay Courtyard Pool

On the other side is the Lazy River Courtyard is (you guessed it) a LAZY RIVER!  You can rent tubes for the lazy river or bring your own from home.  There is also a pool and sandpit on this side as well!The volcano tower rooms are on the Lazy River Courtyard side.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience the pool areas because they were closed while we were there as well!

There are PLENTY of amenities other than the pools!

The amount of amenities at this resort is very impressive considering it is the least expensive resort on Universal property.  The gift shop in the hotel was great!  There is a lot of differently themed merchandise available compared to other resort gift shops.  There is a bowling alley on site, a Starbucks coffee, bars & poolside grills, and the Bayliner Diner.

Cabana Bay Universal Giftshop

The Bayliner Diner is your one stop shop for any food, snack, or drink needs you may have.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner here cafeteria style!  They have stations set up for various “types” of food, plus they have coolers with grab and go items.  The food wasn’t very impressive (we only ate breakfast though).  However, I have to say it was convenient, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Cabana Bay Bayliner Diner

The volcano view room was everything I thought it’d be.

I absolutely LOVED every minute of being in that hotel room.  Our room was very clean and much bigger than I thought it would be.  I will be honest that the beds here don’t compare to the other Universal resorts we’ve stayed at.  They are just typical hotel room bed and pillows.  But watching that volcano (especially at night) was one of my favorite memories of staying at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

Cabana Bay Volcano View Room


Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  It is a cute resort with a great theme for kids.  We didn’t have any complaints while we were there (except the weather which no one could control).  We also thought that the customer service there was great!

However, I’m sad to report that we most likely won’t go back.  I’ve mentioned before that we are Universal Express Pass LOVERS and sadly this resort does not include Express Passes.  Neither does Loews Sapphire Falls which is one of our FAVORITE Universal resorts.  It’s a make or break situation for the Lau family.  It’s too bad because I really will miss that view…

Volcano View at night

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  1. EverythingMouse

    I have stayed at Cabana Bay a few times and love it. The theme is so different and the rooms are great for families. Since Volcano Bay opened it is even better as the park is so close.

    1. Taryn

      Yes! It’s such a great place to stay! And affordable too!

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