Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions

Magic Kingdom is the park that most people think of when they hear DISNEY WORLD!  I love Magic Kingdom because this park makes me feel like a little kid again.  The magic is really full force in this park (hence, the name, the Magic Kingdom).  Find out what our top 5 Magic Kingdom attractions are in this post!

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Disney Springs at Walt Disney World

Disney Springs (or Downtown Disney as my husband will always lovingly call it) is THE PLACE for shopping and food at Disney World!  There are SO many options to choose from here.  The best part about Disney Springs is that it’s free to park and free to enter.  The amount of money you spend once you get there is completely up to you!  Be aware that you might end up broke if you don’t have a plan!  

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Travel the World with Disney – Adventures by Disney

I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but I’m not going to lie, I’m afraid to travel to places unknown.  What if I get lost and I can’t speak the local language to find my way back to my hotel?  What if I end up in a bad section of town?  It’s enough to keep me here in my safe little bubble.  But, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!  Do you feel the same way?  Then it’s time to learn about Adventures by Disney!

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Our First Subscription Box Review from Walt Life

Have you ever tried a Disney subscription box service?  I’ve seen so many reviews on them, but we never have tried one…  until now!  We were very lucky to receive a complimentary box from Walt Life to review on our blog & YouTube channel!  Check out our very first subscription box review from Walt Life!

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Important Disney Dates for Your Next WDW Vacation

If you’ve ever booked a Disney World vacation you know that there are a LOT of things involved!  Did you also know that there are important Disney dates that you need to keep track of in order to book dining, Fast Pass +, and other things?  If you booked your vacation with a Travel Agent they should  be keeping track of these dates for you, but just in case here is a timeline to help you with your next vacation to Disney World!

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