Disney VS Universal – How I Cheated on Disney with Universal

We went to Disney World for the first time in May 2012 and I instantly fell in love.  Everything about Disney was SO magical and I compared EVERY OTHER theme park to it.  I didn’t WANT to ever go to Universal.  There’s no way it could compare to my love for Disney.  I was wrong.  This post is about how I cheated on Disney with Universal…  Disney VS Universal!

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Coronado Springs Resort – Our Favorite Disney Resort

During our first family trip to Disney World in 2012 we stayed at Coronado Springs Resort.  Since that trip we also tried out Port Orleans French Quarter (it’s our second favorite) and Port Orleans Riverside…  but Coronado has a special place in our hearts (we’ve stayed there three times)!  Read this blog to find out why WE think Coronado is simply the best!

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Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas

This past October we made a split decision to go on our first Disney Dream Cruise to the Bahamas!  We booked the 4-night Bahamian cruise on the Disney Dream on a whim and then rushed to get everything in order before we left. There were a lot of scares with hurricane warnings and a forecast full of rain, but it was too late… we had no choice but to take the risk and make the most of it!

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