Three Road Trips to Escape the Concrete Jungle of New York City

This week we bring you the beginning of a series of posts about renting a car to take trips outside (or inside) of some major U.S. cities!  Our sponsor at Miles Car Rental has come up with some amazing posts that we hope you will enjoy!  The first post is all about renting a car to explore the natural attractions near New York City.  

Natural Attractions near New York City

Many cities in the world may try to call themselves concrete jungles, but compared to New York, they’re concrete forests at best. New York stands as the quintessential concrete jungle, you can find all types of people, buildings, roads, shops, and vehicles in there; you can find anything… except perhaps for nature. And yeah, I know that Central Park may count as some form of nature but it’s only a spoonful of nature, it’s just not enough to some people.


Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY Have Some of the Best Places for Families

I was born and raised in the Buffalo/Niagara region of New York State and was never really proud of it.  The truth is, I couldn’t WAIT to leave New York.  We’ve been living in Tennessee now for the past 5 years now and I have to say there are finally things I miss about the area (other than my family of course)!  Does that mean I’m planning on moving back?  No.  But, I am finally proud to be from a pretty cool place.  Keep reading for some suggestions of pretty awesome places to check out if you are planning a visit to Buffalo and Niagara Falls!


4 Family-Friendly Destinations in the Netherlands

This week we have another guest post!  I love working with them because they bring us new destinations that we have never traveled to before.  This week we have a post about the Netherlands!  There’s so much more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam.  Check out their recommendations for family-friendly destinations in the Netherlands!  


Top 3 Family RV Rental Trips 

Have you heard of Outdoorsy?  They are a RV marketplace for people to list their unused RVs or rent one for your next adventure!  We recently collaborated with them to provide our readers with a new experience.  Have you ever considered renting an RV for an unforgettable road trip?  Here are 3 family RV rental trips that you can take in the United States!


Family Fun at Ruby Falls

Our summer break is quickly ending and I decided it was time for a little mini getaway before we went back to school!  We have always wanted to go to Ruby Falls, so I reached out to them to see if they would be interested in working with Lau Family Travels and they graciously agreed!  We were so lucky to receive complimentary tickets to experience Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN!  Even though we were lucky enough to receive this sponsored activity, my opinions will still be my own as usual.


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