Here is a guest post from my blogger friend over in GA! Y’all know how I love my Norwex…  but Cait has some clever kitchen hacks for cleaning as an alternative to my beloved Norwex!  Maybe these kitchen hacks will help cut down your cleaning time before your vacation!  Check out this post and check out her blog “Cait’s Cozy Corner”! 

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Check out my clever kitchen hacks for cleaning your kitchen!

I love traveling! Planning a trip is a great escape for myself and my family and there are moments when I am in paradise and I pinch myself for being able to see things live. But what about when you have to come home and instead of coming into your well kept and clean home, it’s a disaster.

If you’re like me and you can’t stand clutter or a mess, then I have a few easy clever kitchen hacks you don’t want to miss before leaving for your trip. Believe me, you’ll actually enjoy coming home because everything will be spit spot and ready for you to enjoy again (or throw your 5 suitcases in a pile somewhere ha).

Have an All Purpose Cleaner

Over the years I feel like I have tried all sorts of cleaners in the kitchen. Wipes, orange based cleaners… the list goes on and on! I often felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t keep my counter top surfaces looking as well as they could. I wasn’t a huge fan of spending over $5 on most bottles either until a friend of mine shared this super easy hack!

We combined water, dish soap and vinegar to make our all-purpose cleaner! So here’s how you can make your own! Purchase an empty spray bottle from your local Dollar Tree. Add 2 parts vinegar to one part liquid dish soap and two parts water to your spray bottle. Replace the nozzle and shake vigorously. This cleaner is not only use for kitchen cleaning but it can also be used to remove grime in your shower, clean dirty windows and lots more!

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Clean Your White Ceramic Sink

UGH this is my least favorite thing to do ever ha. When we moved into our home a few years ago we had a white ceramic kitchen sink and it had really seen it’s better days. Every time I cleaned it I realized it really wasn’t being maintained properly. There was a way to make it look pretty new using only water and bleach!

Here’s what they did:
Run hot water until it reaches its hottest temperature. Use your sink stopper to plug the drain. Add ½ cup bleach to the sink ( it’s always a good idea to wear protective gloves or eye wear and have an open window to provide adequate ventilation when you use bleach! ) Allow the water to get high enough to cover any spots that are discolored. Let the water sit for an hour or two and then scrub the sink surfaces. Rinse with cool water. This worked like magic and now our sink looks incredible again!

Reuse Old T-Shirts as Cleaning Rags

I’m one to always hold onto old t-shirts but really, they all have wearable shelf- life ha. You can reuse them as kitchen cleaning rags when that time comes! A counter top company that has quality shine and customer service, and one I always use, is Premier Surfaces. They have locations in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia and always have a variety of great surfaces to choose from depending on what style you’re going for in your kitchen. From marble, wood, and limestone the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to your perfect match!

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Effortlessly Clean Your Microwave

If there is one thing I dread coming home to after a long trip, it’s a gross microwave! Now, cleaning the worst splatters is an easy two step process thanks to this little hack! Microwave ½ cup of common vinegar in the microwave using a safe mug on high for about one to two minutes. Second, wipe all the interior surfaces of your microwave with a rag or paper towel. Repeat this process for large splatters if necessary! You guys- this is the best and takes such little time or scrubbing on your part.  It leaves more time thinking of what outfits you want to pack for your big vacation ha!

So there are a few clever kitchen hacks I highly recommend you do before jetting off on your world adventure. You’ll be so happy that you spent the very little time having your kitchen ready to go before you leave. When you’re exhausted from your trip, all you’ll need to worry about is planning your next one! Happy cleaning friends!

Clever Kitchen Hacks to Use Before a Big Trip

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