Despicable Me Kids’ Suite at Loews Portofino Bay – Universal Orlando

When we went to check in at the front desk at Loews Portofino Bay we were surprised with great news… we were being upgraded to a Kids’ Suite for no extra cost!  That’s right folks, we were the family that you hear about that gets a lucky upgrade and we were ecstatic!  Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a Despicable Me Kids’ Suite?!

A suite at Loews Portofino Bay is way  more than a suite anywhere else.

The Despicable Me Kids’ Suite sleep five (one King bed, two twin beds, & a roll-away if needed). When you first walk in you enter into a hallway with a bathroom on the side.  The bathroom was bigger than my master bathroom at home!

There is also a Keurig set up in the hallway with free coffee (if you’d rather save money instead of getting Starbucks).  The hallway enters into the main bedroom with a King-sized (very comfortable) bed.  The main bedroom is HUGE.  It has a seating area and small round table (to enjoy the coffee you just made with the Keurig of course).

The Despicable Me Kids’ Suite is way cooler than I imagined it would be.

The main bedroom is connected to the kids bedroom by a super cool themed door (I don’t want to ruin the surprise)!

My 8-year old son thought this bedroom was the coolest thing ever! The furniture in the kids room is so fun and unique! Not to mention he had his own flat screen TV that he could watch “his shows” on while Mom & Dad were watching their boring shows in the other bedroom!

Despicable Me Kids' Suite

Even though it was the coolest room ever he still didn’t sleep in there the whole night.

To give him credit, the super-awesome-cool themed beds were NOT comfortable.  I think they would have been fine for a smaller child, but I guess not our spoiled child!  My son likes to sleep in comfort (but so do I).  However, if you have two children who would be sleeping in there together they would probably be just fine!  It’s was still a fun experience!

Despicable Me Kids’ Suite at Loews Portofino Bay Review

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  1. paperangelsvlog

    That looks like such a fun room!!

  2. Erin

    That’s PERFECT for our family of 5!! My kids aren’t into the minions though… Super cute detailing – well done universal!

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