Top 5 EPCOT Attractions

EPCOT is a HUGE park!  There is SO much to see and do.  Honestly, we don’t really go to EPCOT for the attractions, but I was still able to come up with our top 5!  We definitely go to EPCOT for the food and atmosphere!  Find out what our top 5 EPCOT attractions are in this post (with some honorable mentions)!

Lau Family Travels Top 5 EPCOT Attractions

EPCOT is my favorite place to go in the evening for a stroll and taste some delicious food from around the world.   I love the atmosphere and the music.  It’s just so much more laid back compared to the other parks!  I don’t think EPCOT has the BEST attractions in all of Disney World, but I still can come up with my favorites!  Find out what our top 5 EPCOT attractions are below (in no particular order).

Soarin’ Around the World

Soarin’ Around the World is just a feel good ride.  Apparently though it can be scary to some children (and adults) that are afraid of heights.  We’ve always reminded Ashtyn that it just FEELS like you are really high up in the air, but it really can mess with your mind if you let it!  I love the smells that are pumped in and the breeze in my face!  My favorite part is actually soarin’ over Disney during the fireworks!

Test Track

Test Track is a decent ride.  I wouldn’t say that it’s my FAVORITE ride at EPCOT, but the experience is fun.  Ashtyn really enjoys customizing his car and seeing how it measured up at the end.  I do have to say that the outside 65 miles per hour loop is my favorite!  I’m not really a fan of the inside parts that whip me back and forth though!

Spaceship Earth

I have to admit that we never went on Spaceship Earth until a year ago and now it’s one of my favorite rides.  Have you heard the rumors that they might be overhauling the ENTIRE thing?  I’m sort of panicking!  I mean…  I haven’t had enough time to enjoy it!  Plus, I absolutely LOVE the old school corniness of it!  Are you a fan of Spaceship Earth or am I alone here?

Spaceship Earth

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

You might laugh at this one, but this might be my favorite attraction in all of EPCOT!  I absolutely LOVE the Mexico pavilion and this cute little boat ride with Donald and the Three Caballeros is just plain fun to me!  It’s a nice relaxing ride with no crazy twists and turns.  Plus I really enjoy the inside boat rides!

Frozen Ever After

First let me say that I loved Maelstrom more, but we have to let it go.  Frozen Ever After may be a little cheesey but it’s an indoor boat ride after all!  Even though I was upset that they changed one of my favorite rides I still was happy after riding it.  Make sure you stop by the Royal Sommerhus Meet and Greet to say hello to Anna & Elsa afterwards.  They are a hoot to meet!

Meeting Anna at EPCOT Meeting Elsa at EPCOT

It’s not an “attraction” but don’t forget about Club Cool!

We always have to make a stop at Club Cool in EPCOT!  It’s one of our favorite things to do when we are there (and we never miss it)!  Have you stopped to try the different sodas from around the world?  Make sure you taste the Beverly!

Club Cool Soda Fountain


Top 5 EPCOT Attractions

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  1. Jessica

    I was a comms major in college so Spaceship Earth always makes me nerd out. Thank you for including it on this list!!! I know the concept of “history of communication” sounds super boring on paper, but SpaceShip Earth is AMAZING.

    1. Taryn

      Seriously. I’m a total geek!

  2. Gen

    This is great for first time visitors!

  3. Carrie Hurst

    Couldn’t agree more!! We love Soarin’ so much! On our trip in July, we rode it 3xs in one day! The first two it was literally a walk on, at park opening. So we got off and got right back on again!

  4. Soarin’, Test Track, and Spaces Earth ara probably my too three. The guys also like Mission: Space, but I do not ride that. No, thank you!

    1. Taryn

      We just did Mission: Space for the first time on our last trip. We did the Green Track because I was too scared. It was okay, but not my most favorite.

  5. dishappyhome

    I agree completely with this list but I have to say that Spaceship Earth is my favorite and my most do at Epcot!

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