4 Family-Friendly Destinations in the Netherlands

This week we have another guest post!  I love working with them because they bring us new destinations that we have never traveled to before.  This week we have a post about the Netherlands!  There’s so much more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam.  Check out their recommendations for family-friendly destinations in the Netherlands!  

The Netherlands ARE a family friendly destination!


The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most historic countries and a Renaissance superpower whose trading success helped build the modern West. It’s nowadays famed as a progressive and open country.  Famous, in particular, for Amsterdam’s free-wheeling entertainment of the adult variety. But this does it a disservice.  A bit like believing the whole of the USA can be summarized by Las Vegas. In fact, many attractions are tailored just for kids and the floral beauty of the lands beyond the cities will captivate all ages. Read on for where to take the family next time you visit:


We start with the capital, of course – one of the most popular weekend break locations in Europe. And one of the best ways to get acquainted with this city of canals is to take a water bike. It’s actually a pedal boat, seating four. The Dutch are rightly proud of their great artists.  Both Van Gogh and Rembrandt have world-class museums where you can see work that changed art history. Or do some shopping.  There are unique and historic street markets, flea markets, book markets, and even a ‘floating’ flower market. Other activities include ice skating, horse riding lessons or walking tours taking in urban architecture that’s up to 700 years old.


Much of the Netherlands wealth was built on the humble tulip.  And it remains the best place on earth to see the iconic flower. Visit in spring and you can witness whole agricultural landscapes of blooms stretching to the horizon, but the best setting of all is the largest flower garden in the world. They plant seven million bulbs at Keukenhof each year, and the explosion of colour which follows is a must-see. What’s more, kids visiting the park can also enjoy a treasure hunt, a playground, a maze, and even a petting zoo. Only half an hour from Amsterdam, it’s a great way to see the two sides of the country in quick succession.


Meanwhile, the nation’s answer to Disneyland is a similarly Fairy Tale themed amusement park open every single day of the year (and welcoming four million visitors in that time). There are thrill rides in abundance – including roller coasters, haunted houses and bobsleigh rides, along with gentler attractions such as carousels and miniature train rides for little ones. With so much to see and do, you might want to stay overnight.  And the park obliges with hotel rooms, quiet apartments and self-catering holiday homes.


Famed for its beaches and sand dunes, this Southern province offers 750 miles of beautiful coastline.  Zeeland even translates as Sealand, where the family can really relax. The region ranges from untouched natural areas where you can take in the wildlife to safe and clean family beaches with lifeguards and amenities. And for those looking for more active fun, try one of the stretches dedicated to water sports for surfing, kite-surfing, wake boarding (much like water skiing) and blo-karting (‘land yachts’). Of course, if you are planning to visit the wilder parts of the country, remember to pack wisely and choose appropriate footwear. Finally, with cycling holidays popular in the Netherlands, planning a cross country trip from one of the cities to the shore is a lovely way to see both windmills and waves.

Have you been to any of these destinations?  Comment below and let me know where you would visit!

4 Family Friendly Destinations in the Netherlands

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