Have you heard of Outdoorsy?  They are a RV marketplace for people to list their unused RVs or rent one for your next adventure!  We recently collaborated with them to provide our readers with a new experience.  Have you ever considered renting an RV for an unforgettable road trip?  Here are 3 family RV rental trips that you can take in the United States!

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When you get the rare time to travel with your family, making it as memorable as possible is the ultimate goal. You want to travel somewhere that has tourist attractions, where you can sight see, a place where you can navigate easily, and somewhere that is exciting for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to just one place; that would defeat the purpose of traveling by RV. Here are our top 3 family RV rental trips.

The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

A cross-country trip to the Grand Canyon will no doubt be a memorable trip. Not only are the views amazing, but the hiking can be fantastic too. While you are out that way, be sure to head over to the Hoover Dam. Both connected by the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam is a site of historical importance. Built beginning in 1930, the Dam was an enormous undertaking, even by today’s standards.  

There are several tours that you can take of both locations; even helicopter tours. For RV purposes, there are plenty of campgrounds to stay in, which makes it an ideal family RV trip.

Hoover Dam

The Rocky Mountains

Taking advantage of being mobile in an RV, the Rocky Mountains is a wonderful destination for a family trip. Between the snowy glaciers, the lush forests, and the crystal-clear lakes, there will be plenty of sight see to do. As if that wasn’t enough, the Rocky Mountains is home to Mount Rushmore, Dinosaur National Monument, and Yellowstone National Park. Between the historical content and the beautiful wildlife, this trip is a must for any RVing family. Since all these individual places are known destinations, there are plenty of campgrounds and resorts to stay at, as well.  

Rocky Mountains

New England

Traveling to New England can be a wonderful trip. With several states packed into a small part of the country, you can easily get from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to Old Orchard Beach Maine in just hours. Head south and you can visit historic Salem, Massachusetts, home of the Salem Witch Trials, and the mansions of Rhode Island. Head West a few hours and you can be at Fort Ticonderoga in New York and the Lake George Area. The history, natural beauty, and tourist areas are rich and exciting. No where else in the country can you traverse 5 states in less than half a day. But you won’t want to rush this trip. There are so many amazing things to see and do.

Ocean Camp

A few honorable mentions…

If you have time, head towards Niagara Falls and see the natural wonders that awaits you. If you want to cross into Canada, you can enjoy the falls from both countries.

There are plenty of campgrounds along the way, from resort-style to rustic state parks.

In summary

If you get the opportunity to take a family RV rental trip, be sure to visit one, if not all three of these amazing areas of the country. From the natural made Grand Canyon in the West to the historic towns of New England, there are plenty of things to see and do.  If you are interested in renting an RV check out these rentals from Outdoorsy!  

Which Family RV Rental Trips would you take?  Comment below!

Top 3 Family RV Rental Trips

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