Free Things to Do in Vegas (And How to Get Free Stuff)!

We went to Vegas for the first time last summer.  My husband had begged and begged to go for years, but you know how I’m a theme park gal.  Then he said, “What if I could make it happen really cheap?” and I was sold.  I mean…  I needed money for my next Disney vacation, so Vegas couldn’t break the bank.  Sure enough there are lots of free things to do in Vegas!  And not only that…  he got us free rooms, free buffets, and even free gambling credits!  How did he do all of this you ask?  Well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out!

Most people don’t think of Vegas as somewhere you can go for cheap, but you can!

When I first thought of going to Vegas all I thought of was $$$.  I really pictured people throwing money up in the air and it all flying away in the breeze.  I mean…  that’s basically what I do every time I go to Disney, but that’s another story.  But my husband convinced me that there are a lot of free things to do in Vegas and that he could get free stuff using his game he played on his phone (more about that later).

MGM Grand

Flights were expensive because we didn’t plan ahead.

I’ll tell you right now.  The most expensive part of our trip were the flights TO Vegas.  We are flying out of Nashville, so it’s quite a hike.  The flights cost us about $325 a piece, but that was really the most expensive part of our whole trip!  You could save money by traveling to Vegas during a time when flights are cheaper.  We went during the summer, so flights were pretty high.  Next time we go we will make sure we go around flight prices to get a better deal.

My husband had been saving up reward points on his phone for years with games he played.

No seriously.  Apparently he downloaded these games YEARS ago in hopes that I’d agree to a Vegas vacation someday.  But they paid off.  And then after our Vegas trip I downloaded them too!  Why?  Because you can also earn ROYAL CARIBBEAN discounts and on board credits!  But…  since this is a Vegas post I won’t get in to that.

He had enough credits to get us two nights free at the MGM Grand (which we upgraded to the Signature Tower for $50 a night), 2 free buffets, and $50 in free gambling credits.  However, when we first went to Vegas we didn’t really understand how it all worked.  We could have used more credits then we did.  You are allowed 3 PREMIUM credits (these are things that are FREE) and unlimited amount of discounted credits (things like B1G1 or discounted coupons).

Okay, so what apps do you need to download?

There are 4 apps that work together (as long as you have them linked to Facebook) that will earn REAL rewards for Vegas.  POP! Slots, myVEGAS, myKONAMI, and myVEGASBlackjack.  There is also a Desktop version myVEGAS Slots on Facebook as well.

myVegas Apps
These are the 4 apps you want to download to maximize your rewards!

There are a lot of different rewards that you can earn with these apps and I’ve earned them fast!  I’m not really going to go into details about HOW to use the apps though because this article explains it better then I ever could:

Okay, so now we’re on to FREE things to do in Vegas!

One thing that I didn’t expect was how many things there were to do for free!  We really didn’t spend a lot of money in Vegas and we spent every minute we were there busy doing something!  There are so many awesome things to see that don’t cost a penny!  I’m just going to share a few of the things that I thought were fun, but there are SO many others!

Walking up and down the strip (day and night) was one of my favorite things!  There is always something new to see!

You might think..  it’s hot in Vegas!  Why would you want to walk up and down the strip?  Well, the great thing about it is that you can duck into any of the shops or resorts to cool off and then come right back out again!

Vegas Strip Day Vegas Strip Dusk

Caesars Palace Forum Shops

All of the resorts were awesome that we saw.  But I was probably most impressed with the Caesars Palace Forum Shops!  Being inside of there was a bit confusing at times because I didn’t know which direction we were headed and if it was night or day outside!  Obviously if you have a hard time refraining from buying stuff this won’t be a free thing for you to do in Vegas, but I just like to window shop!

Caesars Palace Forum Shops Light Caesars Palace Forum Shops Dark


The Bellagio was beautiful inside and out.  Inside you will find a Conservatory & Botanical Gardens that you can tour for free.  We only saw a little bit of this, but it really was amazing. However, my favorite thing was to watch the fountain show outside of the Bellagio.  When we went they were playing two different songs (one by Frank Sinatra & one by Josh Groban).  Both were fantastic and I could stand there all night and watch it!

Bellagio Fountain Show Night

There are MORE free things do do in Vegas that we want to do NEXT time we go!

Next time we go to Vegas I already have a list of free things that I want to do and see.  We were only there for two days, so we just didn’t have enough time to see and do everything.  So here is my wish list in no particular order:

  1. The Volcano Show at the Mirage
  3. Circus Acts at the Circus Circus Resort (maybe)
  4. Go to Downtown Container Park
  5. M&M’s World
As you can see there are so many free things to do in Vegas.

Hopefully my post has given you some ideas for a cheap getaway!  We really enjoyed our time and we are planning another quick getaway soon.  If you have been to Vegas and have more tips comment below and let us know!  We are always open to new ideas and adventures!

Free Things to Do in Vegas

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