Harry Potter Restaurants Universal Orlando – Three Broomsticks VS Leaky Cauldron

There are TWO unique Harry Potter restaurants at Universal Orlando. How will you ever choose which one to go to? You can take a seat at the Three Broomsticks and the Leaky Cauldron at Universal Orlando!  Enjoy British styled meals, delicious Harry Potter inspired beverages, and a truly unique dining atmosphere at either location!  Keep reading to find out which dining establishment we enjoyed the most and why!

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You have TWO unique Harry Potter restaurants to choose from…  or maybe you don’t have to choose!

If you are familiar with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter than you know that it is spread across both of the Universal parks.  Three Broomsticks is located in Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, while the Leaky Cauldron is in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios.  Both Harry Potter restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  However, we only ate lunch while we were there.  Both locations have similar offerings, but there were differences!  We thought there was a clear winner, but it was opposite of what everyone else said!

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Harry Potter Restaurants at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Three Broomsticks

Three Broomsticks is located in Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  This rustic tavern is a cozy place to relax and fill your belly!  If you sit on the back patio you have a beautiful view of Hogwarts!  The featured item here is The Great Feast!  This meal comes with a salad, rotisserie smoked chicken, ribs, corn, and roasted potatoes for the whole family to share.

We got the Fish & Chips and Chicken & Ribs Platter to share (plus my son got the Kids Chicken Fingers).  We thought the food was delicious, but my husband said the fish was the best hands down.  It reminded him of a fish fry from Buffalo, NY!

One of the Harry Potter Restaurants: Three Broomsticks

Chicken & Ribs and Fish & Chips
Chicken & Ribs and Fish & Chips
Kids Chicken Fingers
Kids Chicken Fingers
Enjoying a FROZEN Butterbeer
Enjoying a FROZEN Butterbeer! Those are delicious too!
The view from Leaky Cauldron
The view of Hogwarts from Leaky Cauldron back patio!

Leaky Cauldron

The Leaky Cauldron is located in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios.  You will feel like a local in this dark pub & inn.  Get your fill of traditional British cuisine such as Bangers and Mash, Fisherman’s Pie, Toad in the Hole, & the Ploughman’s Platter.  They also serve Fish & Chips and kids meals like Macaroni and Cheese…  but if you are trying the Leaky Cauldron you really should probably try the traditional menu!

I got the Bangers and Mash, but my husband who isn’t quite as adventurous got a Banger Sandwich instead.  My son wasn’t adventurous at all…  he got the Macaroni and Cheese which he said was delicious!  I thought that the food was good, but it wasn’t really our taste in food.  My brother & sister-in-law LOVED this restaurant though and most of the reviews favor Leaky Cauldron!

Bangers & Mash
Bangers & Mash
Banger Sandwich
Banger Sandwich
Kids Mac & Cheese
Kids Mac & Cheese
Enjoying a hot Butterbeer at the Harry Potter Restaurants
Enjoying a hot Butterbeer
Can you go wrong?  I mean…  you’re eating at a Harry Potter themed restaurant!

Honestly, you are probably really eating at one of the Harry Potter restaurants for the experience and not really the food.  The food isn’t outstanding at either location, but none of it was awful either!  I was just happy to be sitting there with my family geeking out at my surroundings!  Eat at both if you have the time, but honestly you can’t really go wrong!

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What’s your opinion?  Are you team Three Broomsticks or team Leaky Cauldron?

Harry Potter Restaurants - Three Broomsticks VS Leaky Cauldron

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  1. NikkyJ

    Thanks for the info! Bangers and Mash is my fav dish to get at the Leaky Cauldron ⚡️

  2. Sarah Frances

    We also ate at both these places and agree not fantastic but it’s more about the theme!

  3. Gen

    I’ve never eaten there. I’ll have to try it next time I’m there. 🙂

  4. Anonymous


  5. Jennifer

    Just returned from Universal & my family all agreed The Great Feast was one of our favorite meals! We ate at Crusty Burger in the Simpsons for the same price & it was terrible! The Great Feast at The Three Broomsticks was by far the best meal for that price!

    1. Taryn

      Right?? I feel like it’s such a great value as well! And not your typical theme park food!

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