You may already know that I’m not the biggest fan of Hollywood Studios.  We haven’t been to Toy Story Land yet, so that may change, but for now it’s my least favorite Disney park.  However, there are a few rides there that I really LOVE!  BUT, it was a stretch for me to come up with my top 5 attractions.  Keep reading to find out what our top 5 Hollywood Studios attractions are in this post!

Lau Family Travels Top 5 Hollywood Studios Attractions

So, when I sat down to plan out this post I started to panic.  I couldn’t come up with 5 attractions at Hollywood Studios that I loved!  However, I may have had to cheat a little in order to make this a TOP 5 post!  Find out what our top 5 Hollywood Studios attractions are below (in no particular order).

Lau Family at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The first time we went to Disney World Ashtyn was too little to go on the Tower of Terror and I was relieved.  I sent my husband on it with a smile on my face while we waited for him.  I was terrified to go on it!  A couple years later my husband forced us both on and Ashtyn was terrified.  And NOW it’s one of Lau Family Travels favorites!  I honestly have to say the pre-show is scarier to me than the actual ride itself!

Tower of Terror is Too Scary

Rock ‘n‘ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This is another “Mom trying to be brave for the sake of her child but she’s really terrified inside and praying that he will chicken out so she can chicken out too” story.  Ashtyn was finally old enough to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster…  we were waiting in line and I was starting to panic.  I asked him if he was sure he could handle it and he said yes (and my husband told him he had no choice anyway).  The ride photo we got from this ride was PRICELESS.  Now it’s another one of our favorite attractions!

Rock N Roller Coaster Best Picture Ever

Toy Story Mania

Previously known as Toy Story Midway Mania (before the opening of Toy Story Land) this is one of my favorite FAMILY FUN attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!  It’s like a big video game, but a ride!  I get a little competitive during this attraction, but luckily my husband and son put up with my madness!  It’s all in good fun…  right?

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

So, I’ll be completely upfront and honest…  Star Tours does make me feel a little woozy if I ride it too many times in a row.  We once rode it three times in a row because there was no wait and I could barely walk straight!  However, it’s a bunch of fun!  I love how the scenes are different and it’s not the same every time.  If you (or someone in your family) loves Star Wars then make sure you check this attraction out!


Okay, so this is where I cheated.  I couldn’t come up with another attraction that was worthy (in my opinion) of being on the Lau Family Travels top 5 attractions list, so Fantasmic! made it.  We LOVE Fantasmic! because it holds a special place in our heart.  Make sure that you check out WHY by reading my Fantasmic! post:  Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Worth the Wait!


Check out our YouTube video of our favorite Hollywood Studios attractions!


Top 5 Hollywood Studios Attractions

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