What Homeschooling During COVID 19 Looks Like in Our House

A few weeks ago parents everywhere started panicking when they heard they were going to have to homeschool their children for the next few weeks.  Little did most of us know that it would turn into the rest of the school year!    THIS is what homeschooling during COVID 19 looks like in OUR house!

You’re EXCITED to homeschool?  WHAT?!

Okay, first let me give you a little background information.  I’ve always loved playing school.  Yeah yeah I know.  It’s a completely different thing.  But hear me out.

I was that kid that begged her teacher to give her the extra copies of worksheets so she could go home and torture her little sister with them.  (Maybe why my sister didn’t like school?)

Go to college and get a degree so that you can become successful.

Fast forward years later and I went to school for Psychology.  I thought I wanted to be a Child Psychologist.  Until I found out what that really entailed and then I decided against it.  A lot happened in between those years, but eventually I decided to go back to get my degree in teaching.  Since I already had a Bachelors Degree I went to a program to get my Masters in Childhood Education.  During that time I got pregnant with my son Ashtyn and graduated 3 days before giving birth to him!

Student Teaching While Pregnant
I still had 6 weeks left of my student teaching at this point!

I never actually got a job TEACHING in the classroom because I couldn’t bring myself to go back to work after having him.  Something I definitely didn’t expect to happen.  I always thought I was going to be some career woman who only saw my kids after work and before they went to bed and that would be that.  Having him changed me.

Time to get back into the workforce.  Because that’s what we’re supposed to do, right?

I stayed home with Ashtyn for his first 6 years of life.  Once he started going to Kindergarten I started looking for a job, but I wasn’t ready for the commitment of a full time teaching job.  After a year of looking I found a job as an Educational Assistant at a small Elementary School and it was the perfect fit.  I was able to be home with him when he was home from school.  My schedule fit his schedule and I didn’t feel like I was giving anything up.  Not to mention I was able to get back in to Education which I always loved.

Five years later COVID 19 hits the world.

When I got the news that we were going to be shutting down schools due to COVID 19 I wasn’t really worried (about homeschooling anyway).  As you can see I am more than qualified to teach my child at home.  Not to mention he’s pretty much one of the easiest kids on Earth.  He’s self motivated and very easy going.  A little bit of a perfectionist, but I’m not sure where he got that from!

I had an Erin Condren Softbound Planner (you can get $10 off by using my referral link) all ready to go for this occasion.  Our school district had optional resources available to use, but I was excited to use this time to learn alongside my son and spend some quality time with him.

Erin Condren Softbound Vertical Planner for Homeschooling

Homeschooling during COVID 19 shouldn’t be stressful.

I realize that some school districts in the country have required school work that needs to be turned in and graded.  And for those of you who are dealing with that…  I’m truly sorry.  Adults and children are already stressed out and that just adds to it.  Luckily my school district is not one of those schools.  So Ashtyn and I decided on what we were going to learn about together and then I made up a plan on what we were going to do each week.  Since we are near the end of our school year I’m not super worried that he’s going to fall behind.  Most of the end of the year is spent to State Testing (which I’m not even going to get started talking about).

What homeschooling during COVID 19 looks like in our house:


For Math I am using a trial of an online homeschooling Math program.  Ashtyn’s great in Math.  Probably better than I am.  So, honestly I really wasn’t worried about this subject.  But, I also know that Math is probably one of the most important subjects so it’s good to make sure he gets a daily dose.  Each lesson only takes him around 20-30 minutes and it’s good practice anyway.  Most of it is just a review of what he already knows.  And of course he’s happy to report that he’s getting mostly 100s.


This one is simple.  Yet in the beginning I got the most push back.  He tried telling me that all of the reading on his video games should count.  Uh..  NO!  So I told him for 30 minutes each day he needed to go into his room with no technology on and read a book of his choice.  He ended up reading a book that I bought him last year (that he never read) and loved it!  Currently he’s reading a book about how to raise the perfect puppy.


Social Studies has been surprisingly fun for both of us.  I found out a month or so ago that he has pretty much no idea where most of the states are in the United States.  We are a traveling family so I couldn’t let that go!  We have been spending the past few weeks learning about United States geography and now we are delving more into each individual state.  I had found a few activities online and also made up a few of my own.  I had United States Flash Cards from the Dollar Spot at Target (but I found similar ones on Amazon).  Today he told me that Social Studies has become one of his favorite subjects!


Sorting US Flash Cards
We sorted the United States flash cards into their Regions of the US.


United States Printable Maps
These printable maps from Mr Printables were fantastic!


Ashtyn LOVES Microsoft PowerPoint.  And the kid can make a mean PowerPoint Presentation let me tell you.  So each week I assign him a different animal or species of animal and he researches and creates a PowerPoint to present to us by the end of the week.  He’s really into it and always up for the challenge.


I saw online that a lot of people are using this time to learn another language, so why not kids?!  Rosetta Stone was offering a free 3 month trial so I asked Ashtyn what language he wanted to learn and he said GERMAN so that he can talk to his cousin Rachel (she went on a German speaking mission a couple years ago).  Rosetta Stone turned out to be a super bore to him so I downloaded Duolingo onto my phone and he does that now instead.  He’s having fun with it and actually IS learning some German!

Is this a typical homeschool situation?

NO!  Nothing about this is typical.  Homeschooling does not look like this, but this is what life has come to.  And you know what?  You are doing okay!  If you aren’t doing any of this, you are doing okay.  If you are doing more than us, you are doing okay!  Homeschooling during COVID 19 doesn’t have a manual (maybe someone should write one).  We are really all trying to do the best we can for our children.  And that’s all that matters.  But, at the same time I have to admit that I’m having a little fun with it.  And I won’t apologize for that!

What does homeschooling during COVID 19 look like in your house?  Comment below and let me know!

homeschooling during COVID 19

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