Having fun in Las Vegas with a family is simple believe it or not. There is plenty to do for everyone. I’ve provided a simple plan that will help you get the most out of your stay. Your planning starts and stops here!  Let your Las Vegas Family Fun Time begin!

Las Vegas Family Fun

Do you think that Las Vegas is only a place for adults?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong!  Las Vegas has plenty of things to do for families.  Just because it’s been referred to as “Sin City” doesn’t mean you should keep your family away!  Check out my recommendations for Las Vegas family fun places to stay, eat, and play!

Welcome to Las Vegas

Places to Stay

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is located on the Las Vegas Strip. I picked this hotel because it is an iconic hotel in Vegas and it is centrally located to all the activities I will be recommending. The catch is the hotel stay is pricey and can reach $1,000 dollars per night. I almost passed out when I typed that. It’s not all about gambling at the Caesars Palace, you can go to the forum shop there which is basically a mall. Take a look at the map containing all the stores.  Staying the night may not be in your budget but you may want to take a shuttle during the day just to check it out and say you’ve been there. It’s all a part of your Las Vegas family fun experience!

Fun in Vegas at Caesars Palace Forum Shops

The shopping mall inside Caesars Palace is like nothing we’ve ever seen!

Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas City Center

If I couldn’t afford the Caesar’s Palace Hotel I would stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. Obvious reasons are the cost is much cheaper. You can get a room for around $200 dollars a night or cheaper. It’s basically a brand new hotel, breakfast is included, has a pool, no parking fee, shuttles to the ARIA every 30 minutes and it’s centrally located to the entertainment I’ll be suggesting below. The ARIA is a hotel packed with restaurants, clubs and spas. Not to mention the look and design of the hotel is something to see all by itself. It’s another great place just to go look around with the family.

The Signature at MGM Grand

When we went to Vegas in July 2019 we stayed at The Signature Towers at the MGM Grand.  We THOUGHT we had booked the MGM Grand Resort, but it is actually the fancier sister!  The only problem was that it felt a little father out from everything.  We weren’t there long enough to check out the amenities, but the room was AMAZING.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this hotel over all the others, but it definitely isn’t a BAD choice.  Especially since we used points from our Vegas Apps to get two nights for free!

MGM Signature Hotel Room

Where to Eat

Dining Inside Caesars Palace 

Caesar Palace has a wide array of restaurants. It would take me forever to mention them all but below are a few worth mentioning.

Il Mulino New York

The restaurant is located inside Caesars Palace and has a fine select of Italian, Seafood, Steak and Pasta. Has exceptional service and food and that is why a plate is going to cost you $75 – 100 dollars. Reservations are required and can be made here.

The Bacchanal Buffet 

It’s a buffet but one of the best. Included are an array of food stations such as: Mexican, Seafood, American food and Italian Food. Everyone in the family should be happy here. If you want to make sure they are serving crab legs or something you’re looking for in particular its best to call  (702) 731-7928. Cost is roughly $55 dollars on weekdays and varies on weekends. 

Dining Inside the ARIA

The ARIA is another hotel with a wide array of restaurants. Since your shuttle from the Hilton will drop you off at the ARIA why not eat there.

The ARIA Buffet

Yes it is another buffet that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Families always do better at buffets. Much less complaining. Cost varies from $25 – 50 dollars per person. Obviously breakfast would be cheaper, lunch a little more and dinner near $50 dollars. Great reviews and includes many drink specials.  We enjoyed lunch here on our trip to Vegas and it was AMAZING.  I’ve never had such delicious buffet food before!

ARIA Resort and Casino

Bardot Brasserie

This is one of the newer restaurants at the ARIA that serves French cuisine. While the kids may not like the food here it’s worth considering if only for the experience. The restaurant has an early 20th century look and it feels like you’re in Paris. Again your going to get exceptional service here but its going to run you $50 dollars per person at least.

Where to Play

We got you setup with food and a place to stay. Now its time for the Las Vegas family fun time!

High Roller Observation Wheel 

Vegas lights!!! Whenever I think about Las Vegas I think of all the times I’ve heard you must see the Vegas lights. What better way to do that then to take a ride on the High Roller Observation Wheel at night. It’s the worlds tallest Ferris wheel measuring at 550 feet tall. You’re in a capsule so you and your family can enjoy the experience together. You’ll have to buy a ticket and wait in line with a ticket price of about $35 dollars per person. There is an option to pass the line with of course a more expensive pass of $55 dollars per person. I would say this is a must Vegas attraction.

city at night

Shark Reef Aquarium

Aquariums are fun for the whole family.  I mean yeah its an aquarium so you’ll see the same things you’ve seen before. Lets be honest.  However, if you are like my wife you won’t care.  She really loves aquariums.  Worth mentioning is the 1.3 million gallon shipwreck exhibit with sharks swimming around, this is pretty cool. Also, a touch pool where you can touch sting ray and various other aquatic creatures. You can check out prices and events here.  Costs are roughly $25 dollars for adults and $19 dollars for children.

Discovery Children’s Museum

Seriously there are a lot of Las Vegas family fun locations! Discovery Children’s Museum has many many interactive exhibits including culture, art and science. Do your kids like to splash in water? You can do that here at the Water Wheel station. Do your kids like to dress up? You can do that at the Fantasy Festival station. This place will blow your child’s mind and is fun for everyone. Take a look at the site here for a full list of activities. Not to mention the hours are kind of strange so do visit the site to make sure you go when it’s actually open.  Tickets are going to run about $15 dollars per person.

Adventuredome Theme Park

I love theme parks!!! Lets get to it. Make a day out of this. There is plenty to do here with the little one’s. The park has a few mini roller coasters along with some 4D rides that will put a big smile on your kid’s faces. Also, some rides for the adults as well.  Please don’t waste your money buying tickets to ride one ride. Buy the all day pass. Adults are going to cost around $32 dollars per person for an all-day pass and $18 dollars for children 33-47 inches tall. Free for children under 33 inches with a paying adult. If you want to see more about this theme park and get discounts for tickets go here.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

I have one thing to say. IT’S FREE. Who doesn’t like the word free. The Garden has a wide array of  beautiful floral and plant arrangements which change throughout the year. Many of the arrangement consist of plants from various eastern countries. It’s a stop for the whole family. Make a half day out of it.


There is plenty of Las Vegas family fun for everyone to enjoy!

Well, there you have it.  I tried to do a quick round up of Las Vegas family fun ideas for your next family vacation.  Maybe this will convince my wife to plan a trip to Vegas so I can finally see those famous lights!

*UPDATE:  It worked!  After writing this post she finally agreed to go…  and we went in July 2019!  🙂

Comment below if you have recommendations for family fun in Las Vegas!

Family Fun in Las Vegas

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