Three Road Trips to Escape the Concrete Jungle of New York City

Three Road Trips to Escape the Concrete Jungle of New York City

This week we bring you the beginning of a series of posts about renting a car to take trips outside (or inside) of some major U.S. cities!  Our sponsor at Miles Car Rental has come up with some amazing posts that we hope you will enjoy!  The first post is all about renting a car to explore the natural attractions near New York City.  

Natural Attractions near New York City

Many cities in the world may try to call themselves concrete jungles, but compared to New York, they’re concrete forests at best. New York stands as the quintessential concrete jungle, you can find all types of people, buildings, roads, shops, and vehicles in there; you can find anything… except perhaps for nature. And yeah, I know that Central Park may count as some form of nature but it’s only a spoonful of nature, it’s just not enough to some people.

In this post, we´ll be talking about three natural destinations relatively close to New York City. So, anyone in need of some intense greenery amidst all the grayness of concrete, pay attention, for these might be the destinations of your next holiday trip.   

Concrete Jungle

But first some important information, the sites we’ll talk about here are a little bit away from the city, the longest trip will be a 7 to 6-hour drive so you might need to consider your transportation options. All things considered, renting a car for a day or a couple of days, is often inexpensive. Sites such as Miles Car Rental offer plenty of options to find good car rentals in New York.

Also have in mind that most of the destinations we´ll talk about involve hiking or other outside activities such as camping, fishing and in some cases skiing. Come prepared to do the activities you want to do and plan accordingly your trip.


Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen State Park is the most famous park of the Finger Lakes region, featuring breath-taking views of gorges and waterfalls that have been craved in the strange rock formations by the flowing water of the creek. The entrance to the park is right next to the main street of Watkins Glen so you’ll be near to all the conveniences of a town should you need them.

natural attractions near new york

This one is good for people who are just starting to take interest in outdoor activities, maybe it may seem a little boring for hardcore hikers and adventurers but hey, we all started somewhere. In compensation for its less adventurous nature, the park offers unforgettable landscapes that look as if they were taken right from a forgotten realm in a fantasy world, be sure to take your camera with you.   

The park features amenities such as a swimming pool, open during the summer months, picnic tables and camping sites. Activities to do in this park include biking, fishing, hiking, hunting, and x-county skiing during the winter.


The Adirondacks

All right maybe I’m cheating a little bit by mentioning a whole area rather than a single park, but if I was to mention every park in the area, we’d be here all day and you got a lot of traveling to do. Let me give you the shortened version of the many trips you can do around this area. 

The Adirondacks are a mountainous region full of parks and lakes, which offer multiple outdoors activities and chances to reconnect with nature. To get to the area from New York you must do a 4-hour drive so prepare accordingly. 

Saranac Lake

There are many lodging options in the zone from cottages to resorts. Most of these options center around the town of Lake Placid. Which once housed the Winter Olympic Games of 1930 and then again in 1980. There are many activities to do here such as boating, fishing, kayaking, and hiking. In winter you can also enjoy activities such as skiing and even going on snowmobile trails! 

As camping goes there are many options, but one of the most interesting options is to camp on an island in one of the many lakes of the region such as Lake Champlain, Blue Mountain Lake, Lake George, and the Saranac Lake Chain. 

Camping on a Beach

There is too much to see and do to single it down to just one park!


Panama Scenic Park  

This one is farther away so you must definitely plan out your transportation as to get there you must do a 6 to 7-hour drive. Again, Miles Car Rental offers you plenty options so you can you can pick the one that’s optimal for your travel plans. 

Panama scenic park is one of the highest-rated trails, a 5/5 in review sites such as TripAdvisor, it offers a unique jungle-like landscape, with towering rock formations overgrown by the ancient forests. The park has many crevasses and caves to explore and many mind-blowing landscapes to see. 

Panama Rocks

In addition to exploring the rock formations, visitors can take part in fun activities such as an ax-throwing range, and a treasure hunt based on park’s history as a hideaway for bank robbers and counterfeiters during the early to mid-1800s. 

And there you go, three natural attractions near New York City to escape to when you can no longer stand the concrete jungle.  Have a great trip!


Natural attractions near New York City

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  1. Those cabins look lovely in the water in the Adirondacks. Water views are peaceful to me. Plus, four hours is not too long of a journey. So many New Yorkers do not have cars to make these trips, so Miles Car Rental looks like a convenient place to help make those adventures happen!

    1. Taryn

      Water views are my favorite as well! Lake, pond, ocean, river… love them all. Thank you for reading!

  2. Jen

    The parks look amazing. We are always looking for fall like destinations to escape the endless summer of Florida!

  3. Michele C.

    I live in NYC and we go to the Adirondacks every Columbus Day Weekend. Its beautiful but it is a hike! Long hours in the car to get there for sure, but the foliage is worth it.

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