The Secret to Raising the Perfect Child

Yeah, I know.  This title seems a little presumptuous.  I’m not a parenting expert.  I’m not some famously rich doctor.  Heck, I’m not even a celebrity!  I’m just an average Mom.  But you want to keep reading this don’t you?  Keep reading to find out the secret to raising the perfect child!

Over the past few years I’ve gotten MANY comments about how my child is “perfect” and questions asking me what we did to make him so wonderful.  So many people have given him (and me) compliments on his behavior, his demeanor, and his attitude.  He IS an AMAZING child.  He’s sweet, kind, smart, and funny!  Sometimes it’s hard to remember he’s only 10 (turning 11 soon), because he can hold a conversation with an adult better then kids his own age!  I guess that comes from being an only child.  But I like to think it’s because he’s just that awesome!

What do the experts say about raising the perfect child?

What DON’T they say is the real question!  Talk about mixed opinions and “research.”  But that’s the thing  about the internet isn’t it?  You can find an “expert” that says to do one thing and then you can find another “expert” saying the exact opposite.  So really who’s right?  Do I breastfeed?  Or should I bottle feed?  Do I let him cry it out?  Or do I let him sleep in my arms all night?  Should I send him to school?  Or is homeschooling the best option?  Do I let him play Fortnite and Minecraft as long as he wants?  Or do I need to make sure he only has 20 minutes of screen time per day (hahahaha)?

If you are here because you really are looking for some good advice you can always read this article by Daniel Wong.  He does give some great advice on how to raise a happy and successful child.  

Being a parent is hard.

If you are a good parent you probably doubt yourself all of the time.  And that’s the thing.  We did raise a pretty darn near perfect kid, but here’s the catch.  I don’t believe it really has anything to do with our parenting.  I always tell people he was just born perfect!

I’d say we are pretty decent parents.  Our son has been our everything since he was born.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything “right” that we could from the start.  It was so hard to even become pregnant with him and we failed at getting pregnant again.  But, that story might be a blog post for another time.

Is he REALLY perfect?

Heck no!  No one is perfect.  He has his struggles like we all do.  And that’s okay.  That’s the thing about raising the perfect child.  It’s out of reach and way too much pressure to put on a parent (and a child)!  He definitely has my personality though.  He strives for perfection and struggles when he’s NOT perfect at something.  I’m not sure that is something that was raised into him, and if it was then I feel like I failed.  It’s hard to always feel like you aren’t measuring up to the bar you set for yourself.

Here’s my actual parenting advice:

  1. LOVE THEM.  In reality that’s all we can do, right?  Show them unconditional love.  Does that mean you let them do whatever they want?  No way!  He was raised with rules, limitations, and boundaries…  but we always made sure he knew that he was loved no matter what.
  2. ENJOY TIME WITH THEM.  For us, this is traveling together.  We all enjoy it and it has created memories and a bond between us.  But, enjoying time with your kids can be as simple as watching a movie together.  Going fishing.  Reading a book together.  We do those things too.  When we aren’t traveling!
  3. STOP TRYING TO RAISE THE PERFECT CHILD.  Yep.  I said it.  Give yourself a break and be okay with just being the best parent you can be.  Everyone will be happier!

The Secret to Raising the Perfect Child

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