Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions

Magic Kingdom is the park that most people think of when they hear DISNEY WORLD!  I love Magic Kingdom because this park makes me feel like a little kid again.  The magic is really full force in this park (hence, the name, the Magic Kingdom).  Find out what our top 5 Magic Kingdom attractions are in this post!

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Lau Family Travels Attempt at the 4 Park Disney Challenge

We were planning our trip to Universal and I couldn’t get my mind off of Disney.  I needed to go to Disney, but we only had time in the schedule for 1 day.  HOW was I going to decide which park to visit?  So my sister-in-law suggested we try the 4 Park Disney Challenge!  My husband wasn’t really on board, but after some begging he agreed.  We were committed to the 4 Park Disney Challenge and even a LITTLE excited!  

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Magic Kingdom Quick Guide – Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is one of the most magical Disney parks in my opinion.  Walking in and seeing Cinderella’s castle is enough to bring tears to my eyes!  If you are looking for the classic Disney experience this is the park for you.  Find out more about what you will find at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park.

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