I never understood the YouTube watching addiction until I discovered theme park vlogs on YouTube! I didn’t even know that vlogging was a THING! Now I’m hooked and I’m going to share with you my FAVORITE theme park YouTube channels to watch!  Of course they are all Disney/Universal related!

There are A LOT of theme park YouTube channels, but THESE are my FAVORITES!

My son is a YouTube addict.  He loves watching videos on YouTube and I never understood the fascination.  He wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up which is how we decided he would be our Theme Park Junior Advisor!

However, last Spring before going on our trip to Universal Orlando I tried looking up videos about it on YouTube so I was more familiar with the parks (we had never been before).  I discovered a vlogger who did a LOT of Universal videos and I instantly got hooked on watching them all.  Now my son rolls his eyes at ME when I say that I need to catch up on my YouTube videos!

Official Theme Park YouTube Channels

Once in a while I like to check the videos from the official channels for specific parks.  Disney Parks & Universal Orlando Resort both have YouTube channels with informative videos.  The runDisney channel is also a fun one to watch when I’m trying to get motivated to maybe someday run in a runDisney race!  However, the unofficial channels that I watch are even better!

You are going to see a theme with my favorite vloggers…

The Tim Tracker

My very first YouTube theme park vlog experience was watching TheTimTracker!  I was searching for videos to help me plan our Universal Orlando vacation last year and he had so many awesome and informative videos.  Then I started watching his videos on Disney World and other theme parks.  Before you knew it I was watching the home vlogs and mail vlogs too!  My husband would make jokes that I was in love with Tim, but that wasn’t it at all!  I just LOVE their videos!  *By the way – his wife Jenn is super awesome too!

We actually met them at Cowfish during our trip to Universal in October.  My whole family knew that I watched their videos and I guess they had been sitting behind me for a while before my family finally let on that they were there.  My family members were all pointing at me and whispering (real classy guys).  I can say that they are just as down to earth and genuinely kind as they are in their videos!  It made me like them even more!

Cory Meets World

Cory and Stephanie are another awesome couple who are living in Florida and vlogging my dream…  I mean…  their dream!  Cory Meets World focuses mostly on Disney as well, but also incorporate a lot of LIVE videos as well!  If you enjoy watching LIVE streams from various places at Disney World then you definitely need to make sure that you subscribe (and hit the bell) to their channel!

The WDW Couple

If you watch Disney YouTube videos and you don’t know who The WDW Couple is then I don’t believe you.  Taylor & Josh are another down to earth couple vlogging at Disney and I love how they are doing this TOGETHER.  Probably one of my favorite things about their videos are their dining reviews!  The butter spread-ability scale is just the funniest thing…  if you don’t know what I’m talking about you better watch some of their videos!

Paging Mr. Morrow

Nate & Veronica are the couple behind Paging Mr. Morrow and they bring a smile to my face whenever I watch.  I first started watching them through videos that they did with the WDW Couple, but that was just the gateway to my binge watching of their videos!  They have lots of videos on Disney World tips (they have GREAT tips), parks, resorts, shopping, and more! They are another down to earth couple with a love for Disney – and I’m so glad that they share their experiences with the rest of us!

The Pintastic Girls

I “met” these ladies through an Instagram group that I was in and I am SO glad that I did!  Bethany & her three daughters LOVE to share Pinterest crafts on their YouTube channel, but they also do a lot of cute Disney crafts and unboxings!  You can always count on this channel being “safe” to watch with your kiddos.  She may even inspire the least crafty people (like me) to try out some fun Disney crafts!  Make sure you check out THE PINTASTIC GIRLS!

Lau Family Travels on YOUTUBE!

In July of 2018 Ashtyn and I started our YouTube Channel together!  It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind (he wanted to do a gaming channel), but we have had so much fun together doing this.  I never thought that I would prefer vlogging over blogging, but in some ways I do!  We have been focusing on Disney & Universal travel tips, reviews, unboxings, and more!  Please check it out and don’t forget to subscribe!

Go get hooked on theme park YouTube channels!

Again, I think you can see a theme with my taste in vloggers.  I just absolutely LOVE that these couples are working together on their dreams.  After working with my husband on this blog for the past few months I see the positives and negatives of doing something like this together.  But the positives DEFINITELY outweigh the negatives…  you know…  the fights over who did what wrong!  Not that we’d ever argue about anything like that here at Lau Family Travels!


My Favorite Theme Park YouTube Channels

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