Top 5 Theme Parks I Want to Visit in the USA

We are a few days away from our next vacation, but I can’t help but think of other “mini” vacations I’d like to take!  There are some theme parks in the USA that I REALLY want to check out!  Keep reading to see which ones made the list!

There are a lot of theme parks in the US, but these are the top 5 that I really want to visit!

Cedar Point

Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, OH.  This theme park has a 4.6/5 review on Google Reviews.  There are a lot of different ticket options, but they have daily admission tickets as low as $49 per person!  Cedar Point is FAMOUS for its roller coasters.  This theme park has over 15 coasters and they just opened the STEEL VENGEANCE!  This hybrid (steel & wooden) coaster has a 90 degree drop and goes 74 mph!  I’m not sure that I’m brave enough for this one!

Kings Island

Kings Island is located in Kings Island, OH.  This theme park has a 4.5/5 review on Google Reviews.  They have similar pricing to Cedar Point with tickets as low as $44.99.  There is also a Great Wolf Lodge nearby!  There aren’t AS many coasters here, but they do have a lot of wooden coasters.  Mystic Timbers was voted “Best Ride” in 2017!  If you are a Peanuts fan you might want to visit during the beginning of July for the Peanuts Celebration!


Carowinds is located in Charlotte, NC.  This theme park also has a 4.5/5 review on Google Reviews.  As I was writing this blog post I found out that my top 3 theme parks I want to visit are owned by the SAME company!  Cedar Point, Kings Island, AND Carowinds are all owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company which explains why their tickets are all priced the same!  You can visit Carowinds for as low as $45 per day as well!  They are also all partnered with Peanuts Worldwide LLC which would explain Carowinds CAMP SNOOPY expansion!  This play area for kids makes Carowinds a great choice if you also have little ones!

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is located in Branson, MO.  This theme park has a 4.6/5 review on Google Reviews.  Silver Dollar City is well-known for their Christmas light displays (which is when I want to go), but their cute country themed theme park would be fun any time of year!  The spinning coaster the Time Traveler just opened in 2018 and it’s the world’s fastest, steepest, & tallest spinning coaster!  Don’t ride this if you get motion sickness!

Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is located in Buena Park, CA.  This theme park has a 4.6/5 review on Google Reviews.  Oh…  and guess who they are owned by?  That’s right!  Cedar Fair Entertainment Company!  This also makes them a Peanuts partner!  The HangTime is their newest coaster.  This surfing themed dive coaster looks pretty fun dude!  A lot of the California-based bloggers I watch LOVE Knott’s Berry Farm, so that’s why this one is on my list.  However, honestly if I ever end up going to California it’ll probably be for Disneyland.

Top 5 Theme Parks I Want to Visit

I’d love to know!  What is YOUR favorite theme park to visit?  What theme parks should I add to my list?  Comment below!

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  1. I have been to three of these – Carowinds, Cedar Point, and Knott’s Berry Farm. Cedar Point is definitely the best, especially if you like roller coasters!! I don’t know where you’ve been already, but we really like Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia.

    1. Taryn

      We haven’t been to any of them yet, but they are on my wish list! I guess I need to add Kings Dominion as well! Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been in the back of my mind… we love Busch Gardens in Tampa!

  2. Tami

    I love in virginia, and kings dominion is definitely worth it!! I believe they’re owned by cedar fair as well?? I’m not 100% sure.

    1. Taryn

      I believe you are right! I remember seeing that one on the website. Looks like we are going to have to plan a trip to VA!

  3. I have been to Cedar Point several times since I grew up about 1.5 hours away from there. Definitely a GREAT park if you love roller coasters. I am sure it has gotten better since the last time I was there, too, ( about 10 years ago). No shortage of thrill rides! I have also been to Silver Dollar City and loved the theming. We had a ton of fun there. Knott’s Berry farm is on my ‘theme park bucket list” for sure 🙂

    1. Taryn

      I lived about 4 hours from Cedar Point most of my life and have NEVER been! I think we are planning a trip there next summer!

  4. I live 5 minutes from Kings Island! Bit of advise— if you’re going to do both, go to Kings Island first and then Cedar point because Cedar Point is the better park. And peanuts celebration was very fun! They’ve borrowed a few ideas from Disney.

    1. Taryn

      That’s GREAT advice!! Thank you!!

  5. Jenny Ham

    Interesting thanks for sharing this information I did not know Branson was one of them.

  6. kidcongeniality

    Knotts Berry Farms is top of my list. I have got to get out to the West Coast!

  7. Gen

    Those all look so fun !

  8. Cedar Point and Knott’s Berry Farm are on our list, too! Carowinds is not far from us. If you get there, maybe we can have your family over for dinner one night.

    1. Taryn

      We would like to go within the next year or so! I’ll definitely let you know once we start planning for more certain!

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