Atlanta’s Hidden Gems | Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Hidden Gems | Things to Do in Atlanta

This week we bring you another post from our friends at Miles Car Rental.  It’s easy to find the most popular things to do in Atlanta, but did you know about these hidden gems?  Ready to find out about some unique things to do in Atlanta!

Are you looking for some unique things to do in Atlanta?

There’s a lot to see and do in Atlanta, even if people aren’t always aware of it. I personally think that Atlanta is one of those cities that can truly steal your heart with its unique charm. Sure, this city might not be as much of a touristic powerhouse as Miami or Las Vegas. But if you give it a chance you´ll find that the city is full of hidden gems that can make your travel to the state capital as unique and charming as you want to make it. 

So, in this post, I´ll tell you about some of Atlanta’s awesome less-known destinations. But first, some advice on how to find those hidden gems yourself. After all, half of the fun in finding unique places is doing it by yourself.

Atlanta, GA City

Ask locals about things to do.

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a city is to do it with someone that lives there. If you have a friend or relative there, ask them about things to do in the city.  And follow their advice, no matter if the places they suggest seem to be a little bit tacky or rundown.  After all, no one knows about the local flavors and experiences quite as locals. 

Make sure you have a reliable way to explore the city.

Its kind of hard exploring around when your transportation options are limited. Public transport, sadly, is not a great option as you´ll be limited to the availability of nearby transport. A great way to explore is to rent a car in Atlanta, as it lets you go anywhere in the city without you having to depend on other people’s schedules. There are sites such as Miles Car Rental that offer great prices. They also have many options of vehicles, such as minivans and SUVs.  This way you can explore the city with as many friends and family members as you like.           

Atlanta Made

So without further ado let’s begin our hunt for hidden gems in Atlanta!

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Ok, ok… maybe I´m cheating a little bit by mentioning the botanical garden since its quite popular and ergo not so hidden. But hey, in my travel experience I know that most people often decline to go to the botanical garden.  And this one is especially beautiful so I don’t want you to miss it when you come to visit Atlanta. 

Atlanta’s botanical garden offers a lovely site to visit with your family and especially your kids. There are plenty shaded areas to rest and many restaurants, but the highlights are the amazing sculptures made out of living growing plants.  There is everything, ranging from dragons to dogs to camels all made of flowering plants. If you need to commune with nature then you’ve come to the right place. 

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The garden is near to various hotels, and parking is just $2 for an hour.  So this is the perfect way to start your Atlanta adventure.

Home Grown

Restaurants like Home Grown are my favorite type of restaurants. On the outside they don’t look like much, but on the inside, we can find a place that locals love.  It’s full of delicious local food that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet.

This restaurant is especially great if you want to have an awesome breakfast. There are great breakfast options such as French toasts, cheese grits and pancakes bigger than your head! But there are other delicious non-breakfast options such as fried green tomatoes and comfy chicken.  Comfy chicken is fried chicken serves with sausage gravy, simple and delicious southern food. Have in mind that this is not gourmet food, but I can assure you it’s local food at its best. 

Home Grown in Atlanta

You can find the restaurant at 968 Memorial Dr. SE. There is ample parking right next to the restaurant so if you rented a car in Atlanta, this restaurant will be easier to go to.   

Vickery Creek Trail

Now let’s say you want to go discover some hiking trails near Atlanta, well I got you covered.  Let me introduce you to the Vickery Creek Trail. This trail is both relaxing and energetic featuring beautiful sights such as a covered bridge, a majestic waterfall and even the ruin of a mill from the civil war era that feats neatly into the landscape.

It’s best if you come during spring or summer. The landscape is just not as beautiful when the trees have shed their leaves. Now this trail is away from Atlanta proper, about a half-hour drive to be precise. So for this one, a rental car would really be in order. Remember you can get amazing deals for car rentals on Miles Car Rental.      

Bury the Hatchet

Let’s end our Atlanta adventure with some adrenaline! And for that I got you Bury the Hatchet, an ax-throwing range! Here you can unleash your inner warrior and practice your aim by throwing axes. Customers report it to be an engaging and fun activity and even people who wouldn’t commonly do these types of things, find it thrilling enough to come back. Instructors are very patient and polite and there is a healthy dose of competition involved.

This activity is especially good for when you’re traveling with a big group of people. Be sure to stretch out properly as there is a lot of physical activity involved and you might end up a little sore the next day. That said, you don’t need to be an athlete to participate as most of ax-throwing is based on technique rather than in physical fitness. 

Bury the Hatchet

And that concludes my little hints at what you might find in Atlanta.  I’m sure there are a lot of other hidden gems in the city, but I can’t tell you all about them.  They’re hidden for a reason and that reason is for you to discover them. So what are you waiting for? Rent a car and go explore Atlanta to your heart’s contempt! 


Things to Do in Atlanta

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