Top 5 Theme Park Must-Have Items

We have gone to A LOT of theme parks over the past five years and I have come to learn about what I REALLY need when I go. There are some products that are better than others and I think I have finally come to a conclusion on the best of the best. Maybe I’m wrong… but these are my top 5 theme park MUST-HAVE items when we go to the theme parks (Disney, Universal, Dollywood, etc).

These are my top 5 theme park MUST-HAVE items to survive your theme park vacation!

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Theme Park MUST-HAVE Item #5

Croakies… because who wants their glasses falling off their head on their vacation?? Some of the rides at Universal really made me afraid that I was going to lose my glasses. There would be NOTHING worse on vacation than that! Some of the water slides at Volcano Bay REQUIRE you to take your glasses off unless you have these to keep them on. I lovingly call it my dork strap. 🙂

Theme Park MUST-HAVE Item #4

These are my favorite guide books to the parks. I bought my first Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World in 2012 and that’s what started my love for planning vacations (and going on them). These books are VERY comprehensive with tons of details. Sometimes they are a little harsh, but I like that. I’d rather expect something to be just okay and then be impressed than the opposite!

Theme Park MUST-HAVE Item #3

Disposable Rain Ponchos.  You’re going to need them. The chances that you will need a poncho while you are in Florida is VERY high. And guess what… they will try to sell you their poncho for $9 in the park (for ONE poncho). You can find ponchos at the Dollar Tree sometimes as well… but my Dollar Tree never has them in stock. I still save money by purchasing them on Amazon. This last trip I had a lady offer to buy one off of me (but I didn’t have any extra). Be prepared!!

Theme Park MUST-HAVE Item #2

External batteries are becoming a big thing in the parks. You can rent them and trade them in for fully charged ones for $30… or you can just buy your own and charge it at night for the next day for $15. I used this Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger the last time we went to Universal and it worked out great… except for the day I forgot to bring my cord. Yeah… remember to bring your cord or else this isn’t going to help you!!

Theme Park MUST-HAVE Item #1

This last one is the ONE theme park must-have item that I can no longer live without!  THE BEST THEME PARK BAG EVER!!!!  It’s so great that I have a WHOLE blog post all about it!  Make sure you check it out!  Amazon USUALLY has an online coupon you can clip for it as well to save money!  You won’t regret it I promise!

What are YOUR Theme Park Must-Have Items?

I’m always looking for the newest and greatest things!  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I am behind the times!  Let me know!  What are YOUR theme park must-have items that you HAVE to bring along with you?  Comment below!

Top 5 Theme Park Must Haves

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  1. Nikida

    Ponchos are definitely a must for any Florida theme park! Especially in the summertime 😁

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  2. Gen

    Ponchos and chargers are such great ideas!

    1. Taryn

      We never go without ponchos!

  3. Melissa delgado

    Yesss! Ponchos are a most!! Gray post

  4. dishappyhome

    We started to carry a refillable water bottle, especially with the no straw policy, for my little guys. I may need to pick up a croakie!

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