Being a Travel Agent with Goldgell Getaways

You just went on vacation with your family and everything turned out perfectly.  Or maybe you’ve been to Disney World so many times that everyone comes to you for advice on their own trips.  Perhaps you’ve loved traveling your whole life and you want to share that knowledge with others.  You decide you want to become a travel agent.  Now what?!  Keep reading to learn about a way you can share your travel passion and help others with their dream vacations with Goldgell Getaways!

In 2012 I planned my first Disney World trip for my family.  I became obsessed with making sure everything was perfectly planned out ahead of time.  I bought guide books, read blogs, and watched the Disney Parks DVDs (back before YouTuber’s were a thing).  Our trip turned out PERFECT and I was hooked.  I was hooked on going to Disney AND planning Disney trips.  We booked another trip when we got home!  Before you knew it people started asking me for advice on their trips.  And I thought how much I would LOVE to help others plan their dream vacations for a living.  So I looked into becoming a home based travel agent!

I joined the first agency that would take me.  Back in the day I didn’t really know a lot about how it worked.  After 5 years with that agency and “creative differences” with the owner we decided it was best if we parted ways.  I had considered quitting all together, but then I saw a video from the WDW Couple mentioning their Travel Agency and I decided to look into it.  I sent an e-mail into the owner and the rest is history!

Are you sure you’re ready to be a travel agent?

Here’s the thing.  A lot of people think being a travel agent is all fun and games.  They join because they heard you can get free stuff.  Or because they think it’s an easy way to make extra money.  Trust me…  it’s not as easy as it seems.  You have to put in the work in order to reap the benefit.  But it can be a whole lot of fun!

Working for a home agency is also a little different from working for a business like Costco or something like that.  It is YOUR business.  Yes, you will work under the Goldgell Getaways name, but your business is up to you.  That’s where it gets tricky.  A lot of people join and think that they will be trained on everything that they could possibly need to know, but it’s almost impossible to do.  I have been doing this for over 7 years now and there are still SO many things that I don’t know!

However, at Goldgell Getaways we do try to make sure that every new agent has a mentor.  I am one of the mentors that works with new agents.  If you ever have a question or need assistance with a booking I am there to help!  You are never completely alone, but remember, working out most of those issues yourself will only make you grow in your business!  Not to mention it’s so much more rewarding!

Join Goldgell Getaways!

If after reading this you still have the passion in your heart to become a travel agent you should put in a request to join Goldgell Getaways travel agency here:  JOIN GOLDGELL GETAWAYS  *Make sure you tell them that LAU FAMILY TRAVELS sent you!

Being a Travel Agent with Goldgell Getaways

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  1. Sue

    Wow! What a hard decision! Blogging does become ingrained in your blood. Glad your found a new welcoming home. Good luck!!

    1. Taryn

      Thank you so much! I felt like this blog has become my baby, and I couldn’t just toss it to the side!

  2. enjoyingthedays17

    Congratulations! I saw that you were looking for a new company and am glad for you that you found one that suits you. Here is to many happy adventures for your family and other families!

    1. Taryn

      Thank you SO much!

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