Travel with Your Family as Much as You Can

It’s no secret that family travel is something that is very important to us!  I’m always posting those articles that talk about how important it is to travel with your family, but I thought I should write my own!  Keep reading to find out why I think that you should travel with your family and book that vacation today!  

Do you really need a reason to travel with your family?

Some people do.  Some of you out there need me to tell you it’s okay to go book that family vacation!  Maybe I’m being a bad influence, but I’m not trying to be.  When I say to go book that family vacation, I don’t necessarily mean go book that $5,000 dream Disney vacation!  If you have the means, then definitely DO that!

But, if you are a normal family that thinks there’s no way they can find money in the budget to go on a family vacation EVER, I want you to reconsider.  Travel with your family!  Find a spot that’s only a couple of hours from home.  Find a decent priced hotel.  Or find a camp ground if you like that sort of thing (check out this post from a guest blogger about KOA camp grounds).  Find a museum, aquarium, or little park nearby.  Stay for a few days and REALLY enjoy your time together away from the real world.

Our first family trip to Disney didn’t cost a fortune.

I started planning our first family trip to Disney when we were kind of struggling financially.  So, I’ll admit we probably could have put that money onto our student loans or something, but we didn’t.  We were making our monthly payments on everything.  We weren’t racking up more debt… we were just living paycheck to paycheck.

I looked at our finances, read some budgeting blogs, and tried to figure out how I could come up with the extra money to take my family to Disney World.  And we cut out things we didn’t need.  We started shopping smarter.  And we booked a trip with FREE DINING (that’s really hard to come by nowadays).  And we made it happen!  We went to Disney without getting into debt and then we went back again the following year!

My favorite picture from his first trip to Disney

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Why do I think you should travel with your family?

Those memories that we have created together as a family have made us closer.  We love sitting around and reminiscing about our travels together.  The funny memories we have.  The exciting “firsts”.  Even the downside of traveling…  like that time we spent a lot of money to go on a Disney Dream Cruise and it rained the whole time!

We are high-strung people.  We get stressed over our typical daily lives.  But when we go on vacation together those stresses go away.  It’s just us and we are enjoying the moment TOGETHER!  We don’t have to think about work, school, or anything that’s been on our minds.  We let go and just enjoy being a family!  Until we are on our ride home of course… that’s when a big fat imaginary hand slaps you in the face and brings you back into reality.

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There is a lot of research out there to suggest that traveling with your family is VERY beneficial to your family relationships!

I have seen numerous articles on Facebook about why traveling with your family is important.  However, you can also find articles out there that state that vacations can have a negative effect (if you are going into debt for vacations this creates much more stress).  This review of research may be of interest you to if you are looking for literature that defends the need for family travel!  Just in case you need another reason to go book that family vacation!

Mickey makes everyone happy

Bottom Line:

Obviously this blog post is an opinion piece.  I am not a researcher or a mental health professional.  I have personally seen how our family vacations have brought us closer together as a family and increased our happiness.  Don’t go into debt for a vacation.  But, don’t work your life away either!  Take those moments with your kids while they are little and enjoy every minute!

If you are looking for someone to help you plan your dream vacation I am a travel agent!  Contact me today at for a free quote!  

Travel with your family as much as you can (before they're all grown up)

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  1. Gen

    I think a lot of people worry about where they are going and not who they are going with. It should be the other way around .

  2. enjoyingthedays17

    Yes, yes, yes! Experience life. Make memories. Enjoy the days. Bond. I love spending time with my family and finding smiles or creating our own.

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