Top 5 Universal Studios Attractions in Orlando

We have been to Universal Orlando twice now and in my opinion Universal Studios has the better attractions (most of my favorites are here), however I really enjoy the THEME more at Islands of Adventure. But today I’m focusing on my TOP 5 favorite Universal Studios attractions in Orlando so keep reading to find out which ones I think are the best!

The Universal Studios attractions are much more thrilling!

Overall, I would say that the attractions at Universal Studios are more thrilling in comparison to the other park.  Yes, Islands of Adventure has the Hulk, but there are MORE thrilling rides at Universal Studios.  If you are a thrill seeker and you can only visit ONE of the parks, I’d definitely choose Universal Studios!

#1. Revenge of the Mummy

This indoor roller coaster is INTENSE. You never go upside down, but that does NOT mean that it isn’t a thrill ride! There are many points in time where you are in total darkness zipping through the track screaming your head off (or at least I was)!  The queue itself is also very dark – be careful if you have transitional lenses like I do!  I was walking into the walls!

The attraction sits 4 people in a row, which means all three of us get to sit next to each other. That’s one of the thing we really love about a lot of the Universal Studios attractions.  We usually are able to all sit together because they sit numerous people in a row!

The Mummy Ride

#2. Harry Potter & the Escape from Gringotts

This is the BEST attraction in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in my opinion AND my 8-year old son’s favorite ride at Universal Orlando. We rode this one a lot and I really didn’t get sick of it. The thing about this attraction is that you get pumped up throughout the whole queue experience!

You start off by walking through Gringotts bank… taking the service elevator down deep into the ground… and climbing up the stone staircase.  It really gets you into the mood for this attraction! And then it’s a chase through Gringotts’ bank to escape Voldemort and it gets pretty intense! Watch out for the armored troll!  He gets me every time!  *This is another Universal Studios attraction that sits 4 people in a row! 

Inside Gringotts Bank Universal Studios

#3. Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

From what I’ve been reading on the internet people either love or hate this Universal Studios attraction! This is a 3D theater attraction that really makes you feel like you are moving and flying around New York (and other locations). The first time I rode this attraction was at the end of a long day of riding rides and I was starting to get a headache… this attraction WRECKED me and turned that headache into a full-blown migraine (luckily it was at the end of the day).

However , when we went back to Universal this Fall I decided to give it a try again with a little bit of Bonine (for motion sickness) in my system and I LOVED it! It really is a fun little attraction – but I wouldn’t say it’s one that you should go on over and over again!  At least I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it!

#4. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

This is another 3D theater attraction but the kicker here is that you are being turned into MINIONS!!! I really love how Universal Studios attractions use their queues to set up the actual attraction itself. This is a fun little ride that doesn’t make you feel as mixed up as Jimmy Fallon does (or the Simpsons), but if you are sensitive to 3D rides you still might feel some effects from this one.

#5. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

This is an INTENSE roller coaster set to your own music. That’s right… you get to choose your own music (from their selection), but did I mention first that you will be going STRAIGHT up and feel like you are going to fall out onto the concrete below?

Oh yeah… the first time I rode this I HATED it. I told my husband I would never go on it again! But, we went back this Fall and I tried being brave and also tried different music.  I listened to Kanye’s Stronger this time instead of KC & the Sunshine Band’s That’s the Way (I Like It). Each time I went on this coaster I liked it more and now it’s one of my favorites!

Rip Ride Rockit

Thrill seekers should seek out the Universal Studios attractions!

So, there you have it! Those are my top 5 Universal Studios attractions in Orlando!  I’d love to hear what YOUR favorite attractions are at Universal Studios.  Comment below with your favorite!  

Top 5 Universal Studios Attractions

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  1. Heidi

    Apparently I need to go to Universal. All my favorites have been replaced! Do these really beat ET, Hanna Barbera, and Back to the Future?

    1. Taryn

      Well… I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m afraid of ET. Lol! And sadly I had never been to Universal before 2017! So I can’t compare!

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