Here at Lau Family Travels we like to think that we are Disney experts.  I mean…  we have been to Disney a lot and we are a little obsessed.  Are there people MORE qualified to call themselves WDW experts?  Sure!  However, we do have some REALLY great content that we used to create the Lau Family Travels’ Walt Disney World Travel Guide!  

Want to plan the trip of your dreams? Excited to take the kids on a much-needed vacation?

A magical experience at Disney World is something you and your family will never forget.

Disney World is ever-changing; there’s always something new to experience. Planning a trip on your own can be stressful.

Instead of stressing over resorts, transportation, meals, and which attractions to visit, leave it to the Disney experts themselves.

Here at the Lau Family Travels, our extensive Disney experience has equipped us with all the knowledge to guide you on your Disney family vacation. From must-see parks and main attractions to resorts and exciting dining experiences, we’ve got everything covered.

Before you plan a trip to the Disney theme park, make use of our Disney World travel guide to make sure it’s an amazing one. Better yet, we’re travel agents so why not just book with us?

Lau Family Travels’ Walt Disney World Travel Guide…

Okay, so let’s be honest.  The true Walt Disney World Guide online is going to be the Official Walt Disney World page!  However, I find some of the information to be confusing, mostly because there is just SO much of it!

I wanted to create this post to be constantly evolving and changing with new posts, attractions, news, etc.  Disney World is ALWAYS changing!  If you haven’t been in the past couple years, you probably have a lot to relearn!  I’m not sure what this page will turn into yet – but so far this is what I’ve got!

Walt Disney World Guide Introduction

Quick Guides to the WDW Parks

If you don’t have time to read through all of this information, then these quick guides were made for you!  I have a quick guide for each major park at Walt Disney World!  This might be a good place to start if you are new to Disney World vacations!

Top 5 Attractions in Each Park

Maybe even the quick guides are too much information!  If that’s the case, check out my TOP 5 blog posts for each park instead!  Here you will find our favorite attractions in each park, so you can make sure that you hit those attractions for sure!

WDW Resorts

We have stayed at MANY WDW Resorts and we really haven’t found one yet that we didn’t like!  The best thing about Disney is that you can experience the resorts without even having to stay there (resort hopping).  These are the resorts that we have personally stayed at so far (or hopped to)!  Hopefully we will continue adding to this list!

Grounds at the Grand Floridian

Dining at WDW

We have a hard time doing food reviews because we tend to eat our food as soon as it’s put in front of us!  Ha!  We do have our favorite WDW Character Meals though, so check out that post if you are interested!

What other type of dining posts would you like to see?  Comment below!

Eat with Mickey at Tusker House

Planning Your WDW Vacation

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.  Here are some posts to help you!  However, remember that I am a travel agent and I would love to do the work for you!  Contact me today if you are interested in having me plan your WDW vacation!  Remember that my services are completely free!

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is beautiful!  It’s our favorite place to take some great Instagram pictures, grab a delicious bit to eat, and/or do some shopping!  Did you know that there are more than 50 shops, boutiques, and kiosks at Disney Springs?  It’s easy to spend a whole day there!  We like to go to Disney Springs on our arrival day and do some window shopping!

Instagram worthy at Disney Springs - Disney World Travel Guide

The 4 Park Disney Challenge

Have you heard of the 4 Park Disney Challenge?  We attempted it last summer and it was a lot of fun.  Our goals were to:

  • Rope drop at the 1st park
  • Take a selfie with an icon of the park (Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth, The Tree of Life, & The Tower of Terror)
  • Do a Facebook live video from each park
  • Eat one food item at each park
  • See the fireworks at the last park

Make sure you read the blog post to see if we succeeded!

Maybe you are considering a Disney Cruise?

We’ve also been on a Disney Cruise!  We LOVE Disney World, but that Disney Cruise made us want MORE DISNEY CRUISES!  If you think that you might want to do a cruise instead make sure you check out our cruise posts!

Disney World Travel Guide

Have you heard of Adventures by Disney?

My husband’s DREAM is to go on an Adventures by Disney trip and I can’t say I blame him.  They sound AMAZING!  There are so many destinations to choose from as well.  Which would you choose?

Planning a Walt Disney World trip can be very overwhelming!

There is SO much involved in planning a Walt Disney World trip!  I  have been planning WDW vacations (for myself and others) for the past 6+ years and I love doing it.  If you need or want my travel planning services please feel free to reach out to me.  I’d love to help you plan your dream vacation!

Disney World Travel Guide

I hope you like the Lau Family Travels’ Walt Disney World Guide!  Comment below with what information you’d like to see added!

Disney World Travel Guide