3 Blogging/Social Media Webinars in 1 Day

I don’t know why I decided to do it, but I did.  After I had just had a conversation with another blogger about focusing LESS on what everyone out there is telling me to do, I decided to sign up for three webinars in one day.  Not only was that a lot as it was, but it’s my last day of winter break!  What was I thinking?  Keep reading to find out if it was worth three hours of my last day before going back to my “real” job!

What did I actually learn from 3 webinars in 1 day?

These aren’t the first webinars that I’ve subjected myself to.  I’ve taken SO many over the past year trying to find the “secret” to blogger success.  There is SO much that you need to know about blogging (it’s not as simple as just typing up some stuff and hitting publish as some people think).  But it seems like the more I “learn” the less views I get!  Sometimes I think that I’m over thinking everything and that’s why I’m not succeeding in the way that I was hoping that I would.

However, I did get some inspiration from these webinars today (even though they were really just trying to get me to buy into their bigger product).  So, I decided to share the meat of the three webinars with you!  This way you won’t have to spend three hours online for about 30 minutes of information!  You’re welcome.

Webinar #1 Lessons

This webinar was actually 1.5 hours long with about 15 minutes of information that was useful (in my opinion).  This webinar stated that they would give you the 3 secrets to growing your audience exponentially!  Well, that’s exactly what I needed so I thought I should probably give it a try.  Here’s the takeaway from that webinar:

There are 5 things that you need to focus on in order to be successful in this business.
  1.  You need to have a clear brand identity.
  2. You need to have an established website, blog, etc.
  3. Build a quality e-mail subscription list and stay in contact with your subscribers.
  4. Be strategic with the social media sites that you use.
  5. Create and sell a profitable product that people want/need.
The most important piece of information that REALLY spoke to me though was this:

You need to determine your VOICE and find your TRIBE.

Find Your Tribe

Webinar #2 Lessons

This webinar was supposed to be about using Facebook & Instagram to grow in 2019, but it really just felt like a huge ad for Facebook even though the speaker said they didn’t work for Facebook.  There were a few helpful tips, but it was mostly about using Facebook Ads to increase your reach on Facebook.  It also had nothing about Instagram (which is what I was really hoping for more information on).

Top tips from this webinar (in my opinion) were:
  • Reactions (sad face, angry face, heart, etc.) are much more important than basic likes
  • Make sure you are replying to ALL comments
  • Shares help your posts rank higher
  • Make sure you are posting at YOUR most popular time
  • Facebook LIVE gets seen more often than regular posts, but most users watch videos without the sound so keep that in mind when posting regular videos
  • You can target your audience by using the “News Feed Targeting” option when you post
  • Current events rank higher in the algorithm

Although most of this webinar was trying to convince you that you need to spend all your money on Facebook Ads to increase your reach, she did mention not to waste your money on BOOSTING POSTS.  She said that it is not cost effective nor does it actually increase your reach.

Webinar #3 Lessons

This webinar was all about using Pinterest (and was basically the opposite of webinar #2).  She spent a lot of time saying not to waste time on FB and Insta because Pinterest is FREE traffic.  I get it – but this webinar was SO similar to another that I had taken.  Actually it was almost exactly the same.  And ended with a 20 minute plug to buy into her course.  Of course!

Remember – Pinterest is a search engine – NOT a social media site!

This webinar said that there are 4 important steps for Pinterest success:

  1.  Attract – attract your customers and narrow your niche.  Don’t try to attract EVERYONE, but attract the people like you.
  2. Optimize – optimize your images, descriptions, and use long tail keywords (3-5 focused words)
  3. Engage – create killer content, but focus on only 4 topics per month
  4. Convert – build an e-mail list and use your list to sell your products

My overall review of these webinars on my last day of winter vacation…

I probably shouldn’t have done it all in one day, but it did help me re-evaluate some things.  I’ve always been a life long learner – and I’m starting to think of new ideas and new goals for my life as a blogger.  But I’ll be honest…  blogging and working don’t mix for me.  I can’t create good content when I’m  pressed for time.  Summer 2019 some awesome things are going to happen around here!  Just wait and see!

What would you like to see happen at Lau Family Travels?  We are always looking for suggestions!  Comment below and let us know what you think!

3 Blogging/Social Media Webinars in 1 Day

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  1. iamahoneybee

    It’s always good to learn something new. I’m hoping to learn more about SEO this year. I think that would be a great webinar topic

    1. Taryn

      Yes! My husband is an IT guy and he’s really been trying to focus on learning SEO for blogging lately. He tries to teach me, but it goes over my head!

  2. Kendra

    Totally agree! I’ve spent so much time “learning” and not getting anywhere. I’ve chosen 2 people and am only taking their courses and recommendations to help with overwhelm. And yes, time is the biggest problem! I’m rethinking how I work on stuff because I don’t have the ability to sit in front of a computer for hours, but I think a little creativity can go along way! You have a wonderful blog! And I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us this summer!

    1. Taryn

      That’s a great idea Kendra! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. Gen

    I find these are like that too. Out of a 1 hour webinar… 10 minutes is intro about them, 10 about what you will learn, 5 about what you won’t, and 30 is a sales pitch… that leave five minutes of actual content.

    1. Taryn

      Right? So frustrating! But I should just expect it at this point!

  4. I have such mixed feelings about webinars. So many are just plugs for specific products and feel totally biased. But you seem to have experienced a good mix. I agree with the sentiment about pinterest – it’s definitely my biggest source of traffic. Interesting read – thanks so much for sharing!

  5. MIchele C

    I totally didn’t realize how different Pinterest is. I better learn the game!! I think you probably just taught me a ton more than I ever expected in one sentence!!! Thank you!

    1. Taryn

      Yes! It’s crazy how different all the platforms are!

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