Unusual and Fun Activities in Las Vegas

Unusual and Fun Activities in Las Vegas

We are bringing you ANOTHER awesome post from our friends at Miles Car Rental!  This week’s post is all about SIN CITY!  However, they will be discussing some non-gambling fun activities in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a city like no other in the world.  It was built on nothing but entertainment. You see, from the very start this city has been a hot spot for fun of all types.  As times have changed it has changed to include all types of fun activities to its collection. Making it perfect to find awesome , unusual, and fun activities in Las Vegas. 

There are fun activities in Las Vegas that don’t include gambling!

In this post we´ll see some of the most unusual and fun non-gambling activities in Las Vegas, along with a restaurant to calm our traveler’s hunger in between each activity. So, come on! The neon-lit jewel of the Mojave Desert is waiting for us!       

Now, if you want to experience all the activities listed here you should take into account your transportation options.  Some of the activities are quite far from each other or may require some driving to get there. Booking a rental car in Las Vegas could be a smart move if you want to experience all the activities. Plus, would you miss the chance of driving a convertible through the emblematic neon-lit Strip of Las Vegas? I know I wouldn’t! 

The Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

So, without further ado let’s begin our list of fun activities!

Las Vegas ATV Tours

Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, which means that the city is surrounded by the harsh and sandy landscapes of the Mojave. This allows you to experience the desert landscape to your heart’s contempt.  But since this is Las Vegas we’re talking about, you can be sure that there will be another awesome way to do so. In this case, an all-terrain vehicle ride through the desolate lands!  

Companies such as Adrenaline ATV Tours and Las Vegas ATV Tours will take you on off-road adventures.  You can experience the wilderness of the desert as you drive in all-terrain vehicles such as quad cycles, and dune buggies. If you like the outdoors and adrenaline then this is the best way to experience the beautiful deserts that surrounds Las Vegas.

ATV in the Nevada desert

Sin City Smash   

To some people, traveling and seeing new places is a great way to shake off the stress from daily life.  But… what if I told you that in Las Vegas there is a fun and strange place where you can further destroy your stress.  And yes, the word here is “destroy”. 

Sin City Smash is a rage room, a new kind of entertainment venue based on the accelerating feeling of smashing things to pieces in a controlled and safe environment. In this place, you’re given an implement of destruction such a sledgehammer or an ax and are let into a room with things that you can utterly destroy.  Items include printers, computers, glass bottles, and ceramic plates. There are even some customized options such as an office smashing session, which lets you destroy a simulated office or even a Las Vegas-style smashing session, which lets you smash a simulated casino! If smashing is not your thing, then they also offer other similarly cathartic activities, such as paint splattering sessions and an ax-throwing range.  

Customers report this activity to be way safer than it looks like and an excellent and way to vent off negative feelings. You can find it at 3004 S. Rancho Drive. There is an adjacent parking lot but remember to reserve your time before coming. And remember to get there on time too!

Sin City Smash

Fuku Burger

So, we drove in the desert on an ATV and smashed things to our heart’s contempt. By now I think would be a good time to grab a bite! And so, I present you one of Las Vegas’s most strange and yet delicious culinary combinations: Fuku Burger.   

Now Japanese food and burgers seem to be worlds apart.  And commonly they are… but this is Las Vegas and everything can happen here.  So don’t be surprised when I tell you that Fuku Burger combines Japanese flavors with delicious burgers, because that’s precisely what happens in this place. 

Customers praise the burgers for their juiciness and exotic flavors. The menu might be a little bit limited but each of the burgers is equally beloved by their fans.  So, if you’re coming to Vegas and like burgers, you can’t miss this one. Originally this restaurant began its life as a food truck and in fact you can still find some trucks around, but now they have a definite location at 3429 S Jones Blvd.  The restaurant is a little bit small but it has ample parking available and a very interesting aesthetic.  If you’re in a hurry they also make deliveries!

Fuku Burger

Dig This Las Vegas   

Las Vegas is such a fun city that it can even make playing around with dirt into an unforgettable experience. How exactly? Well… with heavy construction machinery of course!

Dig This Las Vegas gives you an experience that almost everyone that has seen a construction site has thought about at some point.  Driving an excavator or a bulldozer.  It’s just like being a kid again and playing on sandbox, except that you get to use heavy machinery! Customers describe the experience as exciting and fun.  The staff is described as very helpful and patient.   

You can find Dig This at, 800 W Roban Ave. Now, this is on the outer limits of the city, outside the range of public transport so do consider your transportation options.  Again, renting a car in Las Vegas is a good solution to most transportation issues.    

Dig This Vegas

The E-Sports Arena at the Luxor  

Las Vegas was built on games, but games have evolved a lot since the first game of poker was held here.  Thankfully the city has noticed. Now you can find a whole space dedicated to competitive video games on the E-Sports Arena at the Luxor Resort. Here you can watch and even try your luck with the games for a reasonable price. The place has a futuristic ambiance with blue and red neon lights on the opposing sites of the arena to signify the competition.  If you’re traveling with teenagers and they happen to be into video games, this is pretty much the perfect place for them as they’ll be entertained for hours and the price for each play hour is pretty affordable.

E Sports Luxor

And that’s it.  Next time you come to visit Las Vegas, make sure to do some of these activities.  Keep an eye peeled for other fun things to do, as this city is full of wonderful things to see and experience.     

Unusual and Fun Activities in Las Vegas, Nevada

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