Theme Park Junior Advisor at Lau Family Travels

This is the youngest member (and only child) of Lau Family Travels!  Our son has been traveling with us to MULTIPLE locations since he was 3 1/2 years old.  He considers himself a roller coaster pro and we agree.  We now call him the Theme Park Junior Advisor!

We truly believe that our vacations have brought him out of his shell and shown him that he is braver than he believes!  When we first started going to theme parks he was afraid of every ride.  Now he’s pulling me onto rides that I’m too scared to go on!

Check out the Junior Advisor’s Reviews on YouTube!

It seems like it’s every kid’s dream to become a famous YouTuber these days!  Our son has got the YouTube fever!  My husband and I thought about it and what a better way than to incorporate his want to be a YouTuber with our new business!  And the Theme Park Junior Advisor was born!  My husband hopes it will encourage other kids who might be afraid to try that big roller coaster.  While my son gets to share his love and excitement for rides when we go on vacation!  It’s a win/win!

As of right now we only have videos available for the coasters at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL.  We have some videos posted from when he was just a little one experiencing Disney for the first time.  And don’t forget our Beverly Challenge videos!  Those are some of the best!  We aren’t sure where this channel will go, but for now it’s a way for him to feel involved in the “family business”!

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