A Long Weekend in Tampa | Best Things to Do in Tampa

A Long Weekend in Tampa | Best Things to Do in Tampa

This week our friends from Miles Car Rental are sharing their best tips for visiting Tampa for a long weekend.  We LOVE Tampa here at Lau Family Travels.  Some of these awesome places we knew about, but some we are excited to try the next time we are in town!

When you think about a tropical getaway in the United States, chances are that your mind will be drifting to Miami.  But what if I told you that there are other destinations equally amazing for a tropical escapade?  Well, in this post well be escaping to Tampa for a weekend. So, pack your things and let’s go!

Now, some of the sites we’re going to visit are a bit far away from each other or otherwise harder to get when it comes to public transport. So, do consider your transport options when planning your trip.  Booking a rental car in Tampa, for example, is a good way to thoroughly explore the city as there are many different car types that suit to your needs.  So, without further ado let’s begin a little getaway in Tampa! 

Downtown Tampa

Dinner on Arrival

So, let’s say that we got a day off from work and manage to arrive at Tampa on a Friday afternoon. Well, nothing is better after a long flight than a good dinner.  So on our first afternoon in Tampa, we´ll explore a couple of different options for a delicious dinner.

Ocean Prime in Tampa

If by any chance you’re celebrating a special occasion on this trip, this is the perfect restaurant to welcome you to Tampa. Customers praise it for its great ambiance and attention. Both the steak and seafood options are highly liked among its customers. So you can’t go wrong by ordering the surf and turf.    

You can find it at 2205 N Westshore Blvd. The parking is spacious and there is also a valet parking that costs 5 dollars. Now, the restaurant is a bit on the pricey side so save it up for special occasions.

Ocean Prime Surf & Turf

Rusty Pelican Tampa   

It’s a fact that seafood tastes better when you’re eating it with a sea view, and this next restaurant knows this at heart. Rusty Pelican has spectacular sea views and very tasty meals to couple the views with. This is one of the most romantic restaurants in Tampa.  So much so, that many wedding celebrations take place here, so making reservations wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

You can find it at 2425 N Rocky Point Dr. That’s only a 7-minute drive to the airport so this is the perfect destinations to let Tampa welcome you with its flavors or perhaps a perfect last stop to bid Tampa farewell.    

Tasty Cajun

So maybe you’re not into fine dining experiences such as the previous ones.  That’s understandable.  Then how about some delicious and messy local flavors? In Tasty Cajun that’s precisely what you get. Here you can taste the south in the form of perfectly spiced shellfish options cooked into the traditional Cajun style. Depending on the season you can find crawfish, blue crab and snow crab. 

You can find it at 1000 W Waters Ave Ste 6. There is plenty of parking around although, in stark contrast with the previous restaurants, this restaurant’s location is rather unassuming so don’t worry if it seems a little bit run down. After all, if you want to taste the local flavors you have to go local!  

Tasty Cajun Tampa

A Saturday of fun in Tampa 

So, Tampa has received us with delicious food, what now? Well, there are a lot of fun things to do in Tampa, so here are some fun options. 

Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade

If you’re traveling with teenagers you´ll know how hard it can be to please them as they constantly crave excitement. Luckily there are attractions here in Tampa that provide all the excitement any vacationing teen would need and even a little more.  I’m talking about Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade. This is not your average laser tag facility nor a regular arcade. In here you can find fun immersive activities such as the aforementioned laser tag, archery tag, and even virtual reality games all inside an enormous air-conditioned facility. All the teenagers in your travel group will thank you for dropping by in here and heck why don’t you try some of the arcade games yourself. 

You can find this find Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade at 6283 W Waters Ave. There is ample parking around.

Laser Ops Extreme Gaming

Bush Gardens

And of course, no fun-seeking visit to Tampa would be complete without a visit to Bush Gardens. Now Bush Gardens is in the middle grounds in between a zoo and an amusement park. You can find both 200 animal species to see and fast rides such as the Cobra’s Curse, and the Falcon’s Fury all with a nice African theme, perfect for spending a day with the family. 

The park is opened all year round from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. but have in mind that some attractions may be occasionally closed for maintenance. You can find it at 10165 McKinley Dr.    

A Relaxing Sunday at Siesta Beach

No better way to end a perfect weekend at Tampa than spending some time at the beach. So, to end our little adventure to Tampa let’s see one of the most amazing beaches in the Tampa area: Siesta Beach. Now Siesta beach is not in Tampa proper, but a one-hour drive away, in Sarasota.  So if you want to visit this amazing beach, you should consider renting a car.  If you don’t know how to rent a car sites such as Miles Car Rental can help you with all you need and even give you the best prices.

What makes this beach special is its bone-white sand. Unlike other beaches the sand of this beach is composed of 99% crushed quartz, this means that no matter how hot it gets outside the sand won’t absorb heat and so it will remain cool as the white particles reflect the sun’s rays.  No burnt feet from running in the sand! Vacationers report it to be very relaxing, clean and beautiful.  Perfect for going with kids!

Siesta Key Beach

Now who’s ready for a long weekend in Tampa?

And that concludes our little adventure to Tampa, but don’t think that this little list has everything to see in Tampa.  There is so much more to see, so go! Spend a long weekend in Tampa and come back with all the wonderful stories of your vacations!     

A Long Weekend in Tampa - Best Things to Do in Tampa

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