The Best Places to Visit in Houston, Texas

The Best Places to Visit in Houston, Texas

This is our last post from our friends at Miles Car Rental!  It has been great working with them and having them provide us with great content!  The best part has been that they’ve shared tips about cities that we have never been to before.  We hope you enjoy this last post about places to visit in Houston, Texas!

One would not think of Houston as the most touristic city in the USA. But, let me tell you there are enough interesting things to see and delicious things to eat here to make it worth visiting for a couple of days.  So in this post we´ll explore some of Houston’s most curious attractions and some of the tastiest restaurants in the city.  So come on! Houston is waiting!

Check out these awesome places to visit in Houston, Texas!

But here’s a little advice before we begin. If you want to thoroughly explore the places and restaurants we’re going to see in this article, then you should consider having a good transportation option. Some of these attractions are rather far from each other or simply hard to get to by means of public transport. Options such as Uber are always a possibility.  However, in the long run they are quite expensive.  In the end they are inconvenient as you´ll always be dependent on the driver’s availability. So, perhaps the best thing you can do is rent a car in Houston. In the long run this is a less expensive alternative and lets you better organize your trip. After all, you don’t need to wait for a driver if you get to be the driver yourself!

Downtown Houston

Now without further ado let’s begin with the best places to visit in Houston, Texas!

The Wonders of Buffalo Bayou Park

Houston is the home of Buffalo Bayou Park, a very pleasant park that accompanies the Buffalo Bayou river on its way through the city. This place is perfect for a peaceful afternoon of biking or just contemplating Houston’s impressive Skyline.  However, the park is chuck full of awesome things to do and see.

There are even some natural wanderers waiting here. One of the bridges in the park houses a colony of bats. If conditions are right you can see them all leaving their hiding place at the same time at sunset, creating dark clouds of bats that go off to hunt mosquitoes and other insects with the day’s last light! 

Bats at night

Now, if your animal preferences lean more into the canine variety you´ll be happy to know that there is also a beautiful dog park that includes a little shallow lake for dogs to swim in.  So if you and your faithful pooch want to explore Houston together here’s a great place to do it.

Buffalo Bayou Park’s “Cistern”

Now, many of the things you can find in the park are rather normal-looking.  However, Buffalo Bayou also has its otherworldly charm. You see, here at the park you can find a mysterious underground site called “The Cistern” which resembles a passage to the underworld! 

“The Cistern” as it’s now called, used to be an underground water reservoir that served Houston’s water needs for decades.  However, due to an unfixable leak, the reservoir was abandoned and years later turned into a touristic attraction due to its otherworldly feel. At this catacomb-like place, you´ll find light shows displayed at the strange pillars.  And you´ll be given a tour of this place and its history. Be sure to have a good camera with you as this place some of the best spots in all of Houston to take one-of-a-kind photos.


Big Bubble

This one might not be one of Houston’s must-see attractions. But it’s one of those interesting places that let your imaginations run wild. If you’re into quirky attractions you can’t miss this one. Now, imagine you’re strolling through one of Houston’s bridges, and out of the blue you see a little red button hidden among the bridge’s bricks.  No signs say what the button is or does, it just exists there, waiting to be pushed. Curiosity overtakes you and you push the button. For a moment nothing happens, but then, the Buffalo Bayou river under the bridge starts emitting enormous bubbles as if it were boiling! 

Oh no! Have you released an eldritch evil that was lurking under the river? Or perhaps pushed Houston’s poorly hidden self-destruct button!? Don’t worry, what you’ve done by pushing this button is helping the river stay a little cleaner. You see this is “Big Bubble”, an ecological art installation that helps to oxygenate the river.  Buffalo Bayou River is a very slow-moving river that tends to become stagnant and thus stinky.  By oxygenating the river via bubbles the river becomes less prone to all the nasty effects of having stagnant water. To find the little button you must go to the pedestrian sections of the Preston Street bridge and search carefully.  There you´ll find the button among some red brick structures.

Buffalo Bayou River

Space Center at Houston

“Uh Houston, we have a problem” With that famous quote Houston was forever intertwined with the story of space exploration.  What better way to celebrate it then visiting Houston’s Space Center. Here you can find all sorts of interactive exhibitions about the history of space flight, along with some of the actual implements and space suits used by the astronauts. You can also find some amazing thematic installations that change depending on the year. For example, during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, they created a replica of the command center used during the mission. In the Christmas season, they feature a high technology light show! 

You can find the Space Center at 1601 E NASA Pkwy. Now, this is on the outer limits of Houston, so have a transport option ready. Again, renting a car in Houston is a pretty good option especially since there is a lot of available parking space at the space center. If the car rental process seems complicated to you then don’t worry.  There are very useful websites such as Miles Car Rental that can help you find the best deals at the best prices with top-notch customer service representatives.

Space Center Houston

The Breakfast Klub

Now I hope all those sites have put your appetite into overdrive as now we’re going to end our trip with some of Houston’s tastiest restaurants.  Beginning with one of Houston’s classics The Breakfast Klub. This one is a local favorite so you know it has the true flavors of Houston. Here you can find everything from omelets and breakfast sandwiches to local specialties such as chicken and waffles and catfish & grits. You might find some lines to get to the place but don’t be deterred by those lines. They’re there for a reason.  This is one of Houston’s favorites!  

You can find it at 3711 Travis St.  There is a reasonable amount of parking available although try to come early so that you don’t have to wait in line.  

Chicken & Waffles

Fat Bao

Now let’s end our trip to Houston with an unexpected little culinary surprise: Fat Bao. Now tell me, and be totally honest.  Did you expect to find an innovative spin of traditional Asian cuisine to be popular here in Houston? Well, I didn’t either but hey life is full of tasty surprises. Fat Bao offers a twist on traditional Gua Bao, giving you delicious steamed bun sandwiches with exotic flavors such as Pekin Duck and Soft-Shell Crab. Customers report them to be inexpensive, delicious and fast to serve. And if you’re having a sweet tooth there are also sweet Bao flavors such as Nutella-Banana and S’mores. 

You can find Fat Bao at two locations. One at 3355 Hwy 6, Sugar Land. And the other at 3419 Kirby Dr. Both have good parking options. 

Bao Buns

And there you have it! Next time you happen to visit the wonderful city you´ll know about at least a couple of interesting things to do and places to eat. But don’t take my word!  Go out and explore! There are many other awesome places to visit in Houston, Texas!  

The Best Places to Visit in Houston, Texas

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