Fun and Interesting Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Fun and Interesting Places to Visit in Los Angeles

This week our friends at Miles Car Rental are bringing us a post about Los Angeles, California!  We haven’t traveled out west yet, so luckily they were able to provide us with some great things to share with you.  Check out these fun and interesting places to visit in Los Angeles!

Check out these fun & interesting (and maybe a bit quirky) places to visit in Los Angeles!

Finding fun and/or interesting things to do and see in Los Angeles is somehow like finding fish in an aquarium.  By that I mean it’s not particularly difficult. A city as huge and culturally inclined as Los Angeles is just bound to have multiple options for entertainment and fun. So, in this post we´ll be giving you a little list of fun and interesting places to see here in the “city of angels”. Some of the sites are a little quirky. Some bring you a nostalgic feel.  And some will make you further appreciate the city’s history. 

Now a little of advice before we set to see these sites…  you should take into account your transportation options. Los Angeles’s is a ridiculously expansive city. Exploring it may be difficult if you rely only on public transport.  Using options such as Uber is a possibility, however, the distances and number of trips you’d have to do would make it very expensive in the long run. Los Angeles transport infrastructure is based on having a car so a good option to sort through this transport issue is booking a rental car. This lets you explore any place in the city with the added benefit of doing it at your own pace.  After all, you don’t need to wait for a driver to arrive if you get to be your own driver.

Los Angeles Cityscape

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart 

Now let’s begin with one of Los Angeles’s most quirky and yet fun places to visit: The Echo Park Time Travel Mart. It’s a store fully dedicated to all the needs of time travelers traveling to both prehistory and the far future. They offer all the time traveler’s essentials such as freshly picked dinosaur eggs, barbarian repellent, and TK Brand robot emotions. 

Wait, let me speak.  I haven’t gone mad! The whole place is just one big practical joke about time travel tropes, with a quirky little gift-shop attached to it. It seems a bit childish at the start, but you’d be amazed by how detailed and witty this little shop can be. It features many funny details as a “Don’t accept checks from Attila the Hun” sign at the register. Entering this quirky little place feels as if you’ve entered a sci-fi short story for a couple of minutes. There is also a good cause behind this strange place. This store serves as both a quirky little attraction and a literacy tutoring center.  Here students are tutored in creative and expository writing. Along with the quirky time travel items you can also buy some of the student’s publications! 

You can find this curious little shop at 1714 W Sunset Blvd.

robots at Echo Park

Galco’s Soda Pop

If all that time travel paraphernalia has let you feeling a little nostalgic and you happen to love sodas then I got just the place for you. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop. This place is far simpler than the last one, but equally fun and interesting. This is a store dedicated to reviving those beloved times of our childhoods.  You know…  when we went to the corner store and decided to spend our allowance in sodas and candy. 

At Galco’s you can find pretty much every imaginable flavor of soda. They have both exotic international flavors, and even some classic regional flavors that you no longer see in most retail stores.  They even have one or two exotic brands of beer. In addition to the soda, they also have renditions of old-time candy. They even have a deli with delicious meatball sandwiches which make it a perfect stop for a light lunch. Sure, this is not what you call a theme park, but it’s a very quaint little stop for when you’re exploring LA.

You can find Galco’s at 5702 York Blvd. There is ample parking next to the store.  

soda pop stop

Universal Studios Hollywood

We´d be remiss to discuss fun things to do in LA and not mention the theme park at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Even if it’s a very commonplace attraction.  Hey, sometimes you win just by tipping the balance in fun scale, even if you’re not the most original. Here you can find many world-famous attractions themed in all your favorite shows and movies.  Attractions feature Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and The Simpsons. It’s very fitting since Los Angeles is pretty much the capital of movies and television. 

As with other theme parks, Universal Studio’s theme park  is a little bit away from other attractions. While it’s not outside of the city, getting there via public transport may be rather uncomfortable. Plus you know that there will be a lot of parking available, so booking a rental a car in LA may be smart decision. There are even some sites such as Miles Car Rental that help you in the renting process so that you get the best options and the lowest possible prices.    

The Simpsons at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Great Wall of Los Angeles

Now when it comes to great walls that happen to be touristic attractions one’s mind often drift to that great wall that was made to keep barbarian invaders away from China.  But trust me, this one is pretty cool as well.

The great wall of Los Angeles is a half a mile-long wall that features the most important historic moments of the city’s history. This mural took 5 years to complete and is one of the world’s longest murals! The mural goes in chronological order from the city’s prehistoric until 1984. The art in the mural is breathtaking and it doesn’t shy away from any controversial moments in the city’s history, no matter how brutal those moments were. It’s a great piece of history and art and its right in the middle of the city so it’s as free as looking at the cityscape.

LA at Dusk

And that concludes our little list of fun and interesting places to visit in Los Angeles. But trust me, this is just an appetizer of the many interesting and fun things you can find in this city. So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore LA! 

Fun and Interesting Places to Visit in Los Angeles

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